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Disclosure: In any review for a product or service, products or compensation may have been provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” and "Terms of Use" tabs for more information.


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All items are mine to keep as “payment”.
I only review full size items, samples will not be reviewed.

All reviews/giveaways without a product to review will result in a small fee for my time and space.

Promotional/Advertising Guest Posts fee- will depend on number of words, links, and other variables.  One published, the material becomes mine, owned by me, and not to be reused by the guest poster in any other publication.  (No duplicate content- I don’t need Google hassling me.)  If you reuse it elsewhere, I will take down your post. I do not offer guarantees of any “lifelong” links do to a number of variables outside my control.
Sponsored Post Fee (written by me) will depend on number of words, links, and other variables. I do not offer guarantees of any “lifelong” links do to a number of variables outside my control.

Each post is also Tweeted out and posted to my Facebook pages, which result in millions of page views, twitter views, Facebook fans and friends, and Triberr views.

If you send me a product for review, I will not ship it back after the review, nor will I use it as the “giveaway” or “contest” item for any winner.

Prizes are to be shipped direct to the winner from your company.

I request a $45 minimum product value- exceptions are made, but will need to be discussed prior to shipping.

I do not review E-Books, as I do not own an E-Reader. If you are not able to provide a hard copy, I am not able to provide you with a review or post, unless you choose to have me write a sponsored post, or you write a Guest Post- see above.

For all location-based and event-based reviews
We will share pictures and details throughout our visit on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.
Your attraction will be featured in a post-event blog and in some cases a pre-event blog.
A photo gallery of pictures from our visit will be available for our readers on Facebook.
Articles are permanently archived
A travel charge may apply
If you are looking for us to review something within a designated time period the more notice you can give us the better. Our schedules fill up quickly and we want to maximize getting the word out about your event, attraction, or product. Our regular clients will have priority. In some cases there may be a fee to conduct a review.

Your product will be featured in a blog post with pictures.
Articles are permanently archived
We require a non-returnable sample of the product. Depending on the value of the product there maybe a charge for this service
We write informative reviews. If we have a negative experience, we will work with you to resolve that before sharing that with our readers, so that your customers and our readers will have a better experience.  Normal reviews are done within 2-6 weeks from receiving product, unless this is otherwise discussed.

Ad Space:
Slots at 125×125 available. Fee for 30 days at $125 per ad.
Other sizes are available, please email me to discuss.

Text Links- $75 per month sidebar advertising, longer times available at a savings

I follow and abide by all FTC and Facebook Laws and Requirements, and I “Blog With Integrity”.

There are no lifetime links. If you want your link to stay up longer then the standard 1 month that your one time payment implies, you will need to make ongoing payments to keep it live. There will be no refunds for any reason.

There are no exchanges after 48 hours unless additional payment is made. I will not make more then one free change to your post or ad. My time matters, please make your decisions before you place your ads. I’m sorry if your client is being difficult, they will still be charged for multiple changes.

Items that are not able to be reviewed by me (IE unsolicited items that are an XS, or cloth diapers, etc) will not be reviewed, please email me before you send.