Book Review- America, Love It or Leave It- So I Left

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America- Love it or Leave it- So I Left
A book written by a young man who renounced his American citizenship and left. The hows, wheres, and whys. Or sort of. Partly. But it was mostly spewing hatred of those who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

I thought this book would be less about hate. The author’s hatred for anyone who is not just like him- or perhaps anyone who is not him or directly related to him, is palpable. Such a “turn-off”. Author comes off as obnoxious, classist, egotistical. You can dislike a character in a book, but an egomaniacal author makes for a rough read when the book is a memoir. Even with interesting and unique material, which this has. The words “I”, “Me”, and “Money” were used so often in this book, that that alone should explain this author’s views on the world and humanity in general. He has a clear dislike of those whom he refers to as “the masses” and “the sheep”- ie, anyone who makes less then $300,000 a year, did not go to an ivy league school, is not in business.

Also inferred (in a not so nice or even vague way) that all the faculty and students at “state schools” are imbeciles. This does not even touch upon his outrageous political views, from abolishing free education (and letting only the wealthy who can afford it have access to schools as they are financial able as well as intellectually able to do so, which he claims many of other classes are not in either sense) to calling rapists and murderers “torture victims” because they are sent to jail to pay for their crimes, which he finds unjust. He actually said that rape victims and murder victims only felt seconds of pain, while the murderers and rapists were “tortured unjustly” for years in prison for these “incidents”. Yes, poor criminals.

His cushy upbringing have clearly skewed his view beyond reason. However, it is not the politics, but the pure hate that makes this book so hard to swallow. I have no problem with reform and those who want to move out of their birth country- but this book will have a hard time finding readers, as none of “the masses” will want to read this kind of drivel.

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  1. Came by to copy your button as I’m trying to fix my blog. I haven’t read this and we do have a lot of problems but I know a lot of people who moved to this country and they all say America has been good to them and they got opportunities they would have not received any where else. Sometimes you have to use a lot of endurance as it is never handed to you but all in all I feel we are pretty fortunate to live here.

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