Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas- a fun review!

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Best gift for movie buffs ever!
I seem to be in the mood for books lately, LOL. Well, anyone who knows me will tell you I am a big reader! (And I know quite a few of you are my “Goodreads” Friends, and we all know what we read, LOL)
I got to read this fun and festive book- Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas, by Alonso Duralde. I am not the world’s biggest movie buff- that title goes to a friend of mine, LOL. However, there are some HUGE movie fans in my circle- an uncle, my good friend, and my husband are all SUPER into movie facts and trivia. (I don’t even watch that many, LOL)
Regardless, this was a “Good Read”. It was a really fun book, full of fun facts, interesting tidbits, and information on all your favorites, past and present. I do love the “oldies”, and I am very into the “Old Hollywood” actors and actresses and the whole bygone era- those are things I like to read about! There were great parts of this book dedicated to actors of the 30’s, of the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and so many more.
You can read about anything even remotely having to do with Christmas– the classics, the family themes, holiday horror and gore (ew), Crime, kitch, you name it, it’s in here!
Do you have a movie buff on your list? This is the gift for them- it will be their favorite gift this year!

“It is my pleasure to introduce you to the hilarious and informative holiday film book, Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas to be released by Limelight Editions on October 15, 2010. Don’t waste another second of your valuable holiday time on another boring Christmas movie. Film critic Alonso Duralde highlights the best – and worst – movies of the Yuletide season with this fun and informative film guide. Whether you’re looking for the classics, family favorites, holiday horror, Christmas-themed crime epics, or the most wonderfully awful cinematic lumps of coal, Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas will point you and your rental queue in the right direction.”


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  3. Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my FAVS!! Anything Tim Burton for that matter!!

  4. That sounds like a MUST read!

  5. I joined good reads and I’m going to try and read a lot more this new year. This sounds like an unusual book but fun to read.

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