Travel With Kids- Some Thoughts

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If you are like me, you want to make travel with your kids as easy and pain free as possible. Road trips are not for the meek of heart- here are a few ideas on how to make them easier, more fun, and how to avoid unnecessary trouble along the way.

1) PLAN!!! You need to plan as much as you can- but be prepared to be flexible and make changes along the way. Be like the tree…..sturdy, rooted,…and pliable ๐Ÿ˜›

2) Where are you going? Do you have favorite places to eat, or know what restaurants are in the area? How about activities, theme parks, other events? I assume there are things you plan on DOING while on vacation, right? Soooo….bring coupons! No reason to pay full price. Take advantage of travel deals, coupons, text message percentages off, and all sorts of other ways to save money! Great places for information? BLOGS. Yes, of course the places you will be traveling will showcase the deals of the minute- but your favorite bloggers and deal sites can also give you the insider info- the real what’s what, and point out some other fab deals. Checl out travel blogs, savings and deal blogs, area blogs- AND the visitors bureau of the area you will be travelling to (and through! don’t forget those!). SAVE YOUR MONEY!

3) Have a newly potty trained, or potty training kiddo? Bring a little potty along- keep it accessible- and some sani-wipes as well to clean it out after using. Nothing worse then a wet kid in a wet seat on a LONG drive! Plus- who needs more laundry? Don’t push it- just pull over if they have to go. Yes, it’s annoying. They are kids- being annoying is sort of thier “thing” LOL

4) Bring laundry detergent, stain stick (for those “fun” accidents), and a laundry bag. Chances are great that you will be doing some if you are gone more then a few days!

5) Don’t fight the silly/small things. Is your kid insistent on bringing a bag of stuffed toys he sleeps with? Wearing a tutu for the whole trip? Maybe- like mine- won’t sleep in a hotel bed and makes me bring his pack and play even though he is nearly 4 and sleeps in a bed at home???? (Did I mention I hate that?) Whatever- you can fight them, and have a whiney, buggary kid on your trip, or just go with it. For me? Sleep is more precious then his sleeping (or not sleeping) in the area I would prefer. I bring the pack and play. I suggest you just run with your child’s whim of choice, unless it is harmful or completely insane, LOL. It’s just a trip- let them induldge for a second. And as they say- “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Have fun!

6) Take lots of photos- too many! You won’t think it is enough later, LOL.

7) Make a packing list before you actually pack- so you won’t forget things. Update it while you pack with things you add. Check it before going home to make sure you didn’t foget anything- viola!

8) Messy things like toothpaste, shampoo, sunblock? Stick them in ziplock baggies. If you are going to a water park, beach, lake, or wet area- bring a ziplock bag for your cell phone or wallet, too, to keep them dry.

9) Do you or anyone you are traveling with take any medication? Do you have enough for the whole trip? If you don’t- give them at least 3 days to fill your script- you know how pharmacies can be, haha. If you need to- call your insurance and get a “vacation override”- again, give this an extra day or two do get done!

10) Get your car checked out before road trips- if your car can’t get there, neither can you! And you want to be safe- so let a mechanic or professional give your car the “once over”, and check the tire air, as well. BE SAFE!

11) Let your kids choose 2 or 3 toys they want to bring- this will make them feel included, plus you never know if they have a certain “whim of the moment”. You pick the rest- because momma know’s best!

12) Do not forget- car snacks and your sippy cups/juice boxes! That is one mistake you don’t want to make, LOL. Hungry, crabby kids? Thanks anyway!

13) Do you read a bedtime story? Bring one for the trip

14) Something to keep them entertained in the car- my favorites are AquaDoodle, little hand held games and travel games, and small toys on his travel tray. (Little likes dinos and horses right now- your child will have preferances, of course!)

15) The Travel Tray- it is cheap, easy to clean and use, goes over any car seat- and great for travel. Eating, drinking, playing- the travel tray makes my life so much easier. It even holds his snacks and drink in little bags on the side.

I can go on and on- but these are my top thoughts for you that I find I rely on most of all. Have Fun, and Happy Trails!



  1. These are great reminders for me! I read them and thought, oh yeah you used to do that and now you don’t. #1 is my downfall, sometimes I fail to plan then my plans fail! THANKS

  2. Nice tips!

  3. It’s true- never enough photos

  4. Love #4 I spent to much time fighting the small stuff. I learned it’s just not worth it!

  5. I always use ziplock bags for shampoo, toothpaste etc – no way I want that all over our clothes!

    Good list of tips mama!

  6. All great advice! Seems common sense but in the midst of vacation chaos I tend to forget!

    Love 1,4,6,10,12!

    Wish hubs would work getting “little things amnesia” the small stuff is just not worth the battle. Have ya got a hubby travel list? Lol, that’s the real work ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. #5 is my favorite! We quit going on family trips after about kid #8 was born…not really, but we limited our trips to family reunions and going to see grandpa and grandma once a year!

  8. Wow, talk about an all-inclusive list! I’m so glad my kids are no longer of the “fight in the back seat” age!

  9. 10 is the first step & so true!! Great list to refer to.

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