The flooding has receded- my house? Destroyed #HurricaneIrene

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Sigh.  The floods are (both) gone, and now….the real work begins.

My house is in ruins, our belongings are gone and wreaked.  It just keeps right on piling up, because now we are getting sick from all the sewage, mold, dampness, etc.  And I keep finding more and more things that need to be thrown away.  Just last night I was trying to put away things we had “saved”- and really, not so much- I had to throw out 3 of the very few Thomas trains we had believed we got in time, as well as more of my clothes- they must have gotten splashed as I was carrying them up, because they had strange, splashy stains on them, in all sorts of odd colors that I don’t want to think about.

Both of my “Little Black” dresses?  Gone.  UGH!  You know how it is with your Little Black Dress.  That was a particular brand of upsetting. 
I had sort of “made peace” with the fact that we lost most of our stuff, as much as you can make peace with that.  However- finding things now, that we thought were OK, and having to throw them away is just too much to handle.

Look at my once-beautiful basement.  The basement is the reason we bought this house.  It was beautiful- with a bathroom, office area, door to the backyard, and less then a block to the park.  Now look at it.  I ran a daycare out of here for years!  My kids had their playroom here!

We had a walled off area that was my “closet” since I didn’t have one in the bedroom, and I am a bit of a “clothes horse”- and worse with shoes.
Now?  Look at my house.  We still have 4 more walls to take down, and finish tearing up the floors.  Every time a wall goes down or a floor area comes up, a wall of stagnant sewage comes rushing out, and I cannot describe for you the smell.

There is no end in sight.  FEMA has come, but has not made any promises.  Our homeowners insurance guy came last night, and the flood insurance person has not even called back yet- they may not help at all, but it does look like the foundation shifted a bit, so maybe they will.  God willing, it did and they will- and they will just let us leave the house and insurance will buy it out or however that works.

I know it’s just “stuff”.  But it’s all our stuff, so much of it- and it’s the house, and all the hard work and money and time that made a house a home.  I want my home back.  I want my son to stop waking up crying about water getting him, asking if the water will come back, and why I “let” all his toys float away.  That poor child. 

All that we have worked so hard for.  Just gone in a second.  This whole area, we are just so beaten down right now.  The water has finally receeded, and the streets opened again last night.  I think they are all clear all over now- perhaps one of these days, the school will open.  Maybe even before Halloween!  😛



  1. I know how you feel hun. We were hit by the tornado outbreak in April and it messed our home up in a bad way. We thought we had gotten by with just a spot of damaged siding and some broken windows. Well come to find out our roof is separated and water has been gushing into our walls!!! RUINED! We are staying with my mother-in-law right now while we try to come up with the money to fix this mess. So I know how you feel. Its heartbreaking , I know. God bless!

  2. I am so, so sorry. Please, please email me your address. My boys have more Thomas the trains than they can ever play with. Let me know the ages of your children and I would really love to send you a box of things- I am very serious!!! Do they need clothes. I am so sorry for all of the families that were effected by Irene. My email is in my blogger profile! Please do email me. I want to help…even if it is just some toys!!


  3. I am so sorry. I can’t imagine. I’ll be keeping you all in my prayers. ((HUGS))

  4. This post made me cry because I can’t even imagine. I can’t imagine having to let your child know he will get toys again, but they won’t be the toys he is used too. “stuff” is so important to us and takes so much to replace!

    I’m sorry for the destruction!

  5. Sorry to hear, keeping all those affected in my thoughts and prayers… :/

  6. Sam, I don’t really even know what to say because I can barely even imagine what you’re going through. The whole thing breaks my heart, especially thinking of your little boy having nightmares and wondering why all his stuff floated away. I am thinking of you often and hoping that either FEMA or your insurance comes through.

  7. I am so sorry you are going through this. Such a frustrating experience. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  8. Oh Sam! Hug that sweet little Thomas loving boy for me. Its rough on parents I cant imagine the sadness and confusion for your little guy. My thoughts and prayers that the insurance will help you get back what you lost and all of us rooting for you will help you bring back your smile!! Love all the way from Cali!!

  9. I’m so sorry about your mess. We’ve been flooded and it’s amazing how water destroys absolutely everything. In our case, we did not have insurance. It was our own fault — husband decided to mess with our garden, added a truckload of dirt and screwed up the drainage. Fortunately, only three rooms and a hallway were flooded, but that felt bad enough. I hope insurance helps you out.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know what it is like to lose a lot. I did not lose as much as you but I did lose 1/2 my roof during hurricane Ike and everything in each room underneath of it.

  11. thanks pam 🙂 and thanks for letting me sniffle on the phone with you as well, haha 🙂
    you guys are so awesome, i would lose my mind without ya’ll! <3

  12. I can not even imagine why someone would question you were “faking” your loss when you have pictures proving it. As for asking for sympathy; she is not. I have talked with Sam while she was having to throw out her stuff or while she was walking in raw sewage that had filled her house.
    Thanks, Carmen, for phrasing it so well. Prayers and hugs, Sam.

  13. so sorry about all of your loss! we’ve been praying for you and we’ll keep on praying!

  14. I love you Carmen. And thank you all for your kind emails, messages, and prayers. I truly appreciate them all. Love you guys!

  15. Well Carmen said it so I don’t have 2. Just go match the IP address

    Stay strong, I’m sure you will have this basement looking even better then before. Praying everything works out and then some

  16. To the hater that finds it even appropriate to kick this woman while she is already down with your nasty comments…. Are you blind to the walls that have clearly been torn down? Did you not see the pictures of the mountain of now trash that once was the contents of this woman’s home?
    This post is obviously not for us but rather for the sponsors that make those reviews that you claim to love so much possible. Sam is obligate to them and in the midst of all of her turmoil she still owes them an explanation as to where is their review….how about floating in raw sewage?
    How dare you use this venue to spew your garbage on someone you don’t even know. As far as knowing Sam? We do know her! She is a blogger and many of us have met her, those of us that haven’t still have a connection that is far beyond “enjoying reviews”
    Why don’t you do us a favor and take your hate, unfollow and move on? We’ll all pray for you that you fill that hateful hole in your heart.

    Why don’t you do us a favor and take your hate, unfollow and move on? We’ll all pray for you that you fill that hateful hole in your heart.

  17. I’m so sorry to hear that, Sam. I’ll be praying for you and your family.

  18. Oh Sam… At least it’s over now. You can start to rebuild.

  19. I am so very sorry! Stay strong 🙁

  20. Oh love! I am so sorry.

  21. I know how discouraging this is and I am so sorry it happened to you.
    You are in my heart and thoughts.

  22. So sorry! It is stressful to have to rebuild and re-buy. I’m glad you guys are ok, but so sorry that your stuff is gone. Hugs!

  23. I am so saddened to hear this and so sorry that your family has lost so much. Flooding hit KY twice badly in the past two years and many of my friends & family lost everything! When you said you even lost your only LBD’s, I was even sadder…My I ask what size you are, I may be able to help! SEnd me an email to


  24. Why is there a question as to whether your flood insurance will cover the loss? 🙁

  25. That is just horrible, hon! I can’t imaging having to rebuild after that. Hopefully FEMA and the insurance will do the right thing.

    I hear you on the little black dresses 🙁

  26. I’m so sorry! I cannot even imagine what you are going through. I’ve been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. I pray this nightmare comes to end for you. ((((Hugs)))

  27. Seems like a never ending nightmare. It would be great if they would just let you get a new home!

    Has my package arrived yet?

  28. I cannot imagine what you and your family are going through. I pray you get back on your feet soon.

  29. Hi, I am so sorry that this happened to you all. We got hit hard here in NY and flooded roads are still closed in our little town.

    Our family would love to help out! We have plenty of extra wooden thomas trains we can send a small box for the kids…if you are interested in accepting our help in the way it was intended 8) What about books for the kids? Games etc…


    Please email me and I would love to send what we can! Let me know the ages of the kids too! Thanks so much!

  30. Awwwwww…. I hate that you lost everything and especially that the baby is having nightmares. I pray that the insurance works out. I will send some prayers up.

  31. I’m so sorry for all you’ve lost. This may be “stuff” but it’s YOUR stuff. You worked for it, much I’m sure holds memories, they were all part of you. I hope the insurance people come through for you!


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