The importance of a good nights sleep

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Some of you may have little kids in your life. Some of you may even not have children in your home. Those of you who don’t, know what it feels like to sleep in on the weekend, lol. Those with, may be able to remember those lazy Saturdays where the only thing you had to worry about is your feet poking out of the sheets.

As families grow time, seems to move more quickly. In order to get it all done, we try to get up earlier and stay up later- We end up staying awake into the wee hours of the night in order to finish that last bit of work, and getting up early to prep for your family’s day. Sleep time gets less and less while stress becomes greater and greater.

There are studies released all the time about the importance of a good night’s sleep and healthy sleep patterns. An adult needs eight hours of sleep. Sure, some of us might feel like we are OK with less- but you are doing damage yourself. There are a lot of ways to help get yourself to sleep. Some natural, some medicinal. Start out with something calming, like yoga or tea. Turn off the lights and TV a half hour before bed to start relaxing. If need be, and you still can’t sleep, see a Dr. You may end up moving onto prescriptions. It happens. I sure hope that is not the case- but if you do, you might save yourself some money and find them cheaply at a Canada drug pharmacy. A good nights sleep will do wonders for your mind body and soul.

Sleep depravity eats away at your mind. After only a few days with less then two hours of sleep the human brain starts deteriorating. Reality becomes a dream, and vice versa. Realize that man or woman can not live on work alone. Play, love live, and sleep.


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  1. Soon you all will be able to sleep late and those times of early rising will be a distant memory.

    Getting the proper rest is important and I think it is wise to take naps as one gets older.

  2. I miss those lazy weekends. I wonder sometimes if I will ever see them again ;D

  3. Can I come spend the weekend at your house? I sleep so terribly and it shows.

  4. You’re right. I need to do better. I need to “budget” my time better so I can get a full night’s rest. I probably get 5-7 hours, but certainly not 8.

  5. I sleep in on the weekends but I’m lucky to get 5 hours on weekends.. and I LOVE TO SLEEP

  6. You get to sleep in on the weekend? Ha. So moving in (looking around for big suitcase) 😉

  7. What is this sleep you speak of????

    It’s like that “silent” word… 😉 You hear about it, but you never really get to see it in action!

  8. I remember those days of sleep. Sigh. Even as my kids get older they still don’t sleep!


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