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6 Flags Theme Parks are everywhere. Chances are, if you are in the continental United States, you are within driving distance to a 6 Flags. This theme park is a great area-specific destination, from 6 Flags Great Adventure in NJ, to Six Flags Over Texas- keep an eye out and you will find one. There is even a Six Flags Mexico, in Mexico City, Mexico, so even on vacation in another country you can get your thrills and chills. πŸ™‚

We love Six Flags for their varied rides and attractions. You can find everything from Bugs Bunny to Camp Carousel to the Scream Machine- Six Flags has rides for everyone. I was just talking to “daddy” about this, and he remembers the first time he finally got up the nerve to go on a roller coaster. It was when on a day trip with some friends to Great Adventure, way back in the middle school days. At first he didn’t want to go on any roller coasters, but as soon as we entered the park everyone hoped on line for the first coaster they saw. Right away, he says his nerves kicked in and he was frightened to no end. He says he freaked out, and it took every ounce of energy to stand in line and not hop over the line guides and wait at the end. (Ah, my big brave man! LOL) He claims it took about 30-40 minutes in line until it was his turn. Last chance to chicken out, in front of everyone. However, there is nothing to be afraid of- these rides are safe, they are actually modern marvels of engineering, every bolt checked regularly and every twist and turn mathematically calculated to twist your guts, but leave them in place, LOL. A minute later it was over, he claims he had “screamed his face off” and thus his roller coaster addiction was begun. The first hit was so much fun they all rode every coaster we could before the day was done.

One of the only drawbacks of big amusement parks is the cost can be steep if you are not careful. So keep an eye out for discounts, such as Discover’s current promotion. Discover card members receive:

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  • Expedited entrance into the park during the first two hours of operation each day.

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Happy Saving! Have fun at the park.

One of you can win 4 passes to 6 Flags. Here is how to enter.
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  1. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    The kiddie rides with my kids!

  2. Batman!

  3. zMom Smith says

    I am not a roller coaster type of girl so I would like to do a mellow ride like the ferris wheel.

  4. micheal dale grim says

    i would have to say,the scream machine!!!!

  5. I cannot wait to ride Batman the Ride @ Six Flags over Georgia

  6. kelley roach says

    mr freeze!!

  7. kelley roach says

    roaring rapids

  8. kelley roach says

    mr. freeze

  9. Tammylyne says

    I cannot wait to go on roaring rapids!

  10. We like to ride the Carousel.

  11. We like to ride the Carousel πŸ™‚

  12. I want to ride the Green Lantern First Flight.

  13. Tatsu ride.

  14. I only do water rides but my husband and son do all of the rollercosters.

  15. Tatsu! I’ve rode it before & I love how you face the ground during the ride-really gives the feeling of flying!

  16. harold the helicopter in thomas land

  17. I love the Batman ride

  18. I can’t wait to ride Congo Rapids.

  19. Lavonne Yates says

    I am terrified of roller coasters! So anything safe lol

  20. I would like to go on the log flume ride

  21. Heather S says

    I am pregnant right now, so no rides for me. My oldest son really wants to ride The Batman and The Screaming Eagle.

  22. i can’t wait to try the sky jumper

  23. ELIZABETH C. says

    I can’t wait to ride several of the roller coasters. What a thrill !

  24. i would like to ride the rattler in san antonio texas before they shut it down.

  25. I want to ride the Comet!

  26. The rollercoasters!

  27. Ariel Henry says

    I can’t wait to go on the rollercoasters!

  28. Paula Lee says

    The rollercoasters for sure!

  29. All of them! But probably the White Water Safari most because it is a family ride

  30. Can’t wait to ride Batman

  31. The Log Flume – dont go on many because of my back – but this one at least cools you off in the heat πŸ™‚

  32. Janet W. says

    I love to ride the Scream Machine in Georgia!

  33. Heather S says

    I like the Mindbender in GA

  34. I love GA especially the scream machine

  35. We love 6 flags!

  36. I can’t wait to finally get on a rollercoaster. Any will do at this point. I’m such a sissy, but this is the year I conquer my fear!

  37. My daughter rides the rides. She loves the Boomerang. And I think The scream machine.

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