Inexpensive rainy day activities that keep kids interested

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Children are teeming with energy, and it is ideal to let them play outside so
your house can stay clean. However, on rainy days that is not always an
option. You then need to find activities that will keep them interested without
breaking your budget. Here are some ideas that are very inexpensive and will
prevent you from hearing that familiar phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!”

1. Have Your Children Build A Fort

Children love to pretend play, and one great rainy day activity is building forts.
This activity is free and uses materials you have around the house. Set the
children up with blankets and sheets, let them move chairs around and watch
their creative juices flow! They will have a blast creating their fort and playing
house in their fort for hours.

2. Make a Batch Of Homemade Play Dough

There are many homemade recipes for play dough, and most can be made
with materials you have in your kitchen. Involve your children in stirring and
mixing the play dough as well. This will keep them busy and will also help
them work on their measuring skills. Give them a rolling pin, plastic silverware,
and cookie cutters, and join them in their play dough activities.

3. Making Crafts From Recycled Materials

If you look around your house, there are many items that can be repurposed
into crafts. Children can use paper towel rolls, empty jars, and leaves to
create masterpieces. Either find an age-appropriate craft idea off the Internet
or let your children create anything they can think of.

4. Make Cookies With Your Children

Children love to make cookies, and this is a great rainy day activity. Look
through cookbooks with your children to find their favorite variety, or discover
a new favorite. Sugar cookies that can be rolled out and cut with cookie
cutters are always a favorite.

5. Host An Indoor Scavenger Hunt

For those indoor days that need a little extra fun, spend a few minutes and
create a simple scavenger hunt for your children. You could have them find
common household objects that you have hidden around the house, and give
a prize when they complete the task. For beginning readers, you could have
them hunt for household objects that start with a certain letter of the alphabet.

6. Let Your Children Play With Shaving Cream In The Bathtub

Children love getting messy, and one way to corral that mess is to let them
play with shaving cream in the bathtub. They get the fun of squishing the
shaving cream between their fingers and painting the walls. To make this
activity extra special, you could tint the shaving cream in their favorite colors.
After they are done playing, it is easy to clean up by rinsing them and the
bathtub with clean water.

7. Have Your Children Put On A Talent Show

On rainy days when your children have extra energy, have them put on a
talent show for the family. They will spend hours developing their song and
dance routine and putting on dress up clothes. After they have perfected their
routines, they can perform them for the family. To remember this after they
have grown, be sure to take pictures and perhaps videotape the event.

These ideas are all very inexpensive and can be done with materials you
have around your home. With a little imagination, your children can soon be
busy indoors on rainy days without you having a large mess in your house.


  1. The scavenger hunt is my children’s favorite. Loved your post!

  2. We did the talent show when we were kids..great memory!

  3. Excited to do all these with my little prince when he gets a little bigger.

  4. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

  5. We love homemade play-dough!

  6. We need these tips not just for the rainy days, but for the too darn hot days as well!

  7. All great ideas – did them with mine when they were younger. One of my all time brilliant Mom moments was when I decided that finger painting in the bathtub was fun for Mom and kid! Gotta love easy clean up!

  8. Love that picture of little and his fort. 🙂 Those are good ideas.

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