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We just watched the cutest DVD- my son is in hog-heaven- called the PAJANIMALS. This is just the cutest thing- and right up his ally (cute, fuzzy stuffed animals that sing and wear pajamas? DONE!)

I thought it would be cute to see what Little Man had to say- he may not be old enough to type, but he has a mouth, and he sure knows how to use it, LOL.

As summer begins its transition into fall and children return to pre-school, kindergarten and other daytime routines, getting young ones back into healthy bedtime habits can be a real challenge. But thanks to The Jim Henson Company and Sprout, there is plenty of help for parents from the adorable PAJANIMALS.

The all-new season of PAJANIMALS on Sprout, premiering August 27, has more adventures with Cowbella, Apollo, Sweetpea Sue and Squacky. This inseparable quartet takes young viewers on more exciting imaginary journeys with music and new friends on every adventure, modeling the skills preschoolers need to move through their days successfully, especially getting ready for and going to bed. . PAJANIMALS can also be seen on weekends on the NBC Kids block.

And also BRAND NEW for PAJANIMALS! The new PAJANIMALS “Light in the Sky” app, priced at $4.99, is another wonderful way for your young ones to experience the PAJANIMALS up close and personal. Now available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this app allows your children to play and sing along with this fully 3D, highly interactive episode based on the actual show. Kids can poke, tickle and swipe as they discover all the fun toys they can play with in the Pajanimals’ room. They can also feel the rhythm while tapping along with their favorite Pajanimals’ songs. The PAJANIMALS “Light in the Sky” allows youngsters to blast off in a rocket ship to visit the moon, set off fireworks and shooting stars in the night sky, play kickball with the Pajanimals, make their own melodies with musical stars and clouds; tickle the Pajanimals to make them laugh; and match the Pajanimals with their favorite toys. And of course they can help the Pajanimals “stick to the plan” by brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. Other features include the ability to turn subtitles on to read along with the story, and you can even gift the app to a friend from within the app.

There’s another wonderful way to get your child back into bedtime rituals – help them to make their own unique dream catcher.

Originally used by Native Americans, the Ojibwa tribe constructed dream catchers by tying strings in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow and then decorated the structure with beads and feathers. The dream catcher was then hung above the bed as a charm to protect sleeping children. The Ojibwa believe that a dream catcher changes a person’s dreams, trapping bad dreams in the string of the dream catcher until they disappear in the light of day while good dreams pass through and slide down to the sleeping child below.

You can share the story of dream catchers with your kids while following the simple steps to make a dream catcher available at Sprouts online (

And just as a reminder, PAJANIMALS fans can access a number of fun and FREE ageappropriate activities and downloadable games at

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  1. We take a bath, brush teeth and then read a few books

  2. Tanya Wilde says

    Read a book, cuddle, watch the lights from my sons tranquility turtle.

  3. bath, brush teeth and story time

  4. Brush your teeth, pj’s, story time, hugs, kisses and lights out

  5. We brush teeth, read a story, and then it’s sleepy time

  6. We have a regular bath and bedtime, get everything ready for the next moring before bed.

  7. Bath, drink, teeth, book, bed

  8. Clean up, wash up, brush teeth, get into PJs, read a book or listen to music and then hugs and kisses.

  9. Carrie Phelps says

    Bath, jammies, teeth brushing and a bedtime story.

  10. Ashley Sifers says

    brush teeth, and then story time!

  11. books, books and more books!

  12. story time 🙂

  13. To get ready for bedtime, my 2 little granddaughters (sisters) have a bath, get into their pjs, brush their teeth, pick a story to read to them, say their prayers, then get tucked in with hugs & kisses. 🙂

  14. Carolyn Colley says

    when the grandbabies stay the night, they always sleep with me, and they make poppy sleep elsewhere

  15. a story, then kisses and lights out

  16. My granddaughter has a bath, snack and 1/2 hour TV then bed.

  17. Cassandra Eastman says

    For my 3 year old he hops in bed, we talk about our day or read a book, pray, kiss and then goodnight!

  18. Patricia Williams says

    Bath, snack, story time. Story time gets longer every night but its the only time my oldest wants to cuddle, so I keep reading.

  19. When my kids were young, they’d brush their teeth and we’d read a book before bed.

  20. I give my son a warm bath and lavendar lotion before bed

  21. Debbie Jackson says

    brush teeth and 3 stories

  22. Our ritual is brush teeth, bath, put on PJs, hugs & kisses, then night night.

  23. hugs & kisses and a bed tine story 🙂

  24. Sandy VanHoey says

    My grandson has his snack, teeth brushed, then story time before he goes to sleep

  25. Story and cuddles

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