Furby and K-Mart’s Fab 15

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There is a new toy in town, one that looks very familiar to many of us. The Furby, but the newest generation of Furby is more interactive, more digital, and talks quite a bit more. Furby is the original robotic pet, first introduced to us in 1998 and was immediately the must have toy of the holiday season. Furbies were in play rooms, living rooms, and even offices. I personally have 2, the one on the right and a white one that is currently lost in Little’s room. They were to so prevalent in offices that the NSA forbid them from being brought into their own offices for fears of it recording and learning national secrets. This is not really a valid concern as Furby’s do no record anything, but it’s funny! Ah, government….

The early generation Furby’s learned, talked and interacted with the person playing with it. They are learning based directly on the level of interaction and time spent with the Furby. The newest generation of Furbies work in a similar manner, but updated and with newer tech and more attitude. The tech includes an app to feed and play with your Furby, brand new LCD screen eyes which give you a peak into the Furby’s thoughts with a ton of emotion and meaning behind each pixel. These eyes are (to daddy) a welcome change to the original Furby which had big realistic eyes that kind of freaked him out a bit.The newest additions include more emotions and a more attitude driven play experience. Instead of simple action -reaction play there is action-emotion driven reaction. What this means is, if your Furby doesn’t like music and you play music for her, she will become aggravated and be mad at you. If you continue being inattentive to Furby’s needs, the Furby will get angrier. It is amazing how much this little fluffy ball of circuits, motors and screens can mimic a real pet.

Little Man loves his Furby because he is a fluffy little pet, but Furby can get testy with him. There was an entire day spent trying to keep Furby happy to the point where when the day was coming to an end he was almost in a panic trying to keep Furby happy by playing music sung by Elmo and petting her. The oddest scene of the day included Elmo serenading Furby in an odd robot toy interaction involving dancing Furby and guitar playing Elmo, where both parties were happy and dancing and there was a daddy so baffled by the whole thing, he almost fell over. Mommy was just trying to keep both Little (and thus Furby) happy by playing French music (apparently Furby likes French?) and petting her with little man so it would not “change” and get mad at him, LOL. All in all, an average day of being a mom, right?

Furby is also one of K-Mart’s Fab 15 Toys this year. What are the rest?

From classics like Twister and Power Wheels, to new hits like LeapFrog and Air Hogs, this year’s Kmart Fab 15 list includes-

– Air Hogs Hover Assault by Spin Master

– Cinderella Enchanted Carriage Vanity by CDI Toys

– FURBY by Hasbro

-FurReal Friends Bouncy, My Happy-To-See-Me Pup by Hasbro (Kmart exclusive)

– Holiday Brunette Barbie 2012 Doll by Mattel (Kmart exclusive)

-Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle by Fisher-Price

– Johnny the Skull Electronic Game by Fotorama

– LeapFrog LeapPad2

– LEGO Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse

– Master Moves Mickey by Fisher-Price

– Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze Gift Set (Kmart exclusive)

– Monsuno Strike Sector Combat Set by Jakks Pacific

– Power Wheels Hot Wheels Dune Racer (Kmart exclusive)

– TWISTER Dance Game by Hasbro

– WWE Brawlin’ Buddies by Mattel


  1. I never understood those little Furby things! I’m trying to keep the kids away from them…LOL

  2. I think my kids have these lost in their rooms as well! They really are cute!

  3. You should get a video of Elmo and the Furby dancing and post it. That would be hilarious! 🙂

  4. Those Furbies are pretty darn cute!!! I think a few kiddos on my Christmas list would love one!

  5. I am not surprised to see Furby on that list. Love Furby!

  6. The Furby. I can’t believe it’s back. My brother will kill me if I get one for my niece for Christmas. LOL. But I do want to get the Leap Pad2.

  7. jadelouisedesigns says

    That is some fun information about the Furby’s especially about the NSA. lol. I really think they are cute. I know some disagree, but I like them. I think my kids would really love them too.

  8. So cute!

  9. Sounds like some fun products.

  10. Love the pictures also and glad your son love his Furby too. They are so cute!

  11. Great post! I love my old Furby, my daughter and I still have the first one. I would love to get the new on for my grand kids. K-mart’s Fab list is every child’s dream toys list. lol!.

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