Annie Claus- New Hallmark Movie for Christmas

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Annie Claus?

Isn’t it supposed to be Santa Claus? Or maybe Mrs. Claus? Well let me give you a quick intro to Annie Claus. Annie Claus is Coming To Town is a holiday movie brought to us by the Hallmark Channel, so of course it is full of holiday cheer. Annie Claus is Santa’s daughter and in this film she must leave the North Pole and make the classic decision to either continue with the family business or not. Her particular family business is toy building and delivering on Christmas instead of a restaurant or small business. Throughout her self discovery, she spreads holiday cheer and even meets a man, two men actually, one of which has a hidden agenda and one who would be a prefect stand in for “the big man”. The movie has a star-studded cast including Maria Thayer from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as well as Sam Page from Mad Men and Vivica A Fox from Independence Day.

The movie is a cute one and is not rated, but did appear on the Hallmark channel, so it is safe for children. The DVD was released on DVD on October 9, 2012 by Sonar Entertainment and Gaiam Vivendi and is available everywhere fine movies are sold.


  1. Hallmark movies are cheesy as cheesy can be but they are still fun to watch, especially the holiday ones!

  2. I LOVE this movie!

  3. I love Holiday movies and the Hallmark channel is a great one to find them. Just remember to have tissues nearby!

  4. I just saw an add for it on tv. Looks cute!

  5. Love the fact you can trust Hallmark to be family friendly! Looks like a definite must see for the season!

  6. This is a good movie..Love it!

  7. I have this movie on my list to watch this Holiday season too!

  8. So excited for the holidays. I love Christmas and all the holiday movies that come with it.

  9. What a cute movie! I love Hallmark movies!

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