Fisher Price Kitchen and Table #GiftGuide

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With every generation there are improvements to tried and true toys like dolls, horses, GI Joe’s even Ninja Turtles and Transformers. Some work out great and some don’t. The newest kitchen play set from Fisher Price is one of the ones that work great. The play set is called the Servin’ Surprises Kitchen &Table. This play set includes a table with convertible stove top, removable oven and magic serving trays, more about these in a bit, four slices of pizza with toppings and pizza cutter, four cookies with baking sheet, and cutlery for two.

This kitchen play set is not your generic kitchen with stove, oven and sink. This play set is a new improved model with convertible play table which can be changed and stored in plain sight as a regular play table for little ones to draw, snack and use as they would a regular children’s table.

The really interesting part are the magic serving trays, each tray senses the food on it and responds with phrases, sound effect and songs unique to that food. This play set is also nice because it is circular. Most kitchen play sets stand upright and are one sided, leading to arguments about who gets to play next. Crowding our little ones like we crowd around the kitchen during the holidays. Why should your kids complain about the size of their kitchen like their parents do? We have to start somewhere, right? Maybe one day we can all have big round kitchens, but for now we can leave them to our kids to enjoy and play in while we heat up another rounds of chicken nuggets and pour some more apple juice. All the play pieces are brightly colored and plastic, so no mistaking real cutlery for the toys.

Includes table with convertible stovetop, removable oven and “magic” serving tray, 4 slices of pizza with toppings & pizza cutter, 4 cookies with cookie sheet, 2 place settings: forks, spoons, cups & plates.


  1. This does look like a lot of fun. Even when it’s not being used as a toy it’s a cute piece of furniture.

  2. these are so cool I wish I had that kitchen lol

  3. I really like that this is smaller than a lot of the other kitchens, but looks just as fun!

  4. my daughter would love something like this for Christmas!

  5. It’s nice that the tray can be used for other things like snack time. Very cute!

  6. That is super cute! I love the little thing with pizza in it. Maybe my toddler needs this for Christmas!

  7. I want trays that sense what’s on em!

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