How to Prevent the Spread of Germs When Your Kids Are Sick

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Your kids are going to get sick–this is one thing at which they all seem to universally excel. They love going out in the cold without their jackets, they hate washing their hands, and they’d eat junk food for breakfast lunch and dinner if given the chance. As parents, it is our responsibility to protect them from these dangers that they don’t understand, but we can only do so much. In spite of your best efforts and most relentless precautions, your kids are going to get sick. When this does inevitably happen, you’ll need to start thinking about how to prevent the spread of germs.

First of all, keep them home from school. Yes, they will unfortunately be missing lessons, but you could possibly have another student drop off homework assignments after school so that your kids can stay on top of their studies. Many parents make the mistake of sending their children to school while they are still sick, or before they’re totally recovered. Sending your children to school while they are sick not only prolongs their illness, it also exposes other students and faculty members to contagious germs. Do what is best for both your child and everyone else by keeping them out of school when they fall ill.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when the kids are sick. Be sure to provide lots of tissues so that they can blow their noses rather than wipe on their sleeves or blankets–another favorite activity for many youngsters. Keep a trash can next to their beds so that they can throw away their dirty tissues, and empty the basket regularly to avoid build up. And as long as your children are staying home, make sure that they don’t start to slack on bathing. Your average child would forsake baths for life if given the chance, so keep them bathing regularly and be sure to change their bed sheets frequently.

Naturally you will want to ensure as speedy a recovery as possible for your children, but remember that there are other reasons to try to prevent the spread of germs. You and the other members of your household are at risk of catching the bug as long as there is sickness in the house, so protect yourselves as well. Keeping hand sanitizer around at all times is a great way to start. Consider using disinfecting sprays and wipes for things like doorknobs as well. Lots of germs are spread simply through dirty hands, so be sure to keep this in mind at all times.

Take your kids to the doctor when they get sick, if possible. Online services like can help you find coverage if needed. Your doctor will be able to provide even more recommendations about how to prevent the spread of germs while the kids are sick. Follow these directions to help your kids recover quickly and keep the rest of the family healthy at the same time. Germs have a way of spreading through houses, so keep them in check from the beginning.


  1. The hand washing thing is definitely #1, but one thing not mentioned was opening windows a crack for about 10-15 minutes daily. This holds true especially in colder seasons when we tend to lock up all the germs in our houses and not allow fresh air in.


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