5 Fun and Exciting Family Activities for Your Next Beach Vacation

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Are you looking to create some great memories on your next family vacation? If so, why not go to the beach where the water is warm, the salt air is refreshing and you can spend hours on end just walking along the beach?

beachOf course, if you are planning to take some children along with you, they are definitely going to want to do more than swim; they are going to want to find some other ways to be entertained. And so, we have provided you with a list of five fun and exciting family activities that everyone can join in on to make the time just that much more fun.

Go fishing. Whether you’re a fishing pro or you’ve never gone fishing before, most beaches will allow you to go fishing so think about taking a couple of poles along with you or renting a boat if they have some available. Even if you decide to “catch and release” them, it can be a lot of fun to see what kinds of fish you can find.

Hunt for shells. Beaches provide beautiful scenery and one of the things that come with that are all of the pretty shells that you can find in the sand. If you or one of your children either likes to collect items or enjoys making arts and crafts, take out a couple of hours to walk along the shore to go shell hunting. You may find a couple that will be perfect for a bookshelf or dresser or that you can even turn into pieces of jewelry.

Have a “sand field day”. Family field days that are filled with all kinds of physical activities can be enjoyable. You can split people into teams and hold a volleyball competition, a relay race, a sandcastle building contest and you can even play tug of war. The winners can earn some kind of prize like maybe dinner paid for by the other team or they can be the ones to plan the entire itinerary of what to do the next day.

Spend the day out on a boat. Even if you don’t want to go fishing, spending a day out on a boat (especially if it’s a sailboat) is still something to consider doing. Whether it’s whale watching or watching the sunset on the Pacific, it will be exciting just to look out over the water and see the waves coming in and birds flying about. You might even get lucky and see a dolphin or two.

Look for activities that are taking place on the beach. Most cities that have beaches are known to be places where tourists frequent. For this reason (especially during “on season” when there are lots of visitors), they usually have a lot of activities happen along the shore or within walking distance from the beach. Be sure to go online to look for concerts and festivals that may be taking place around the time that you are going on vacation and don’t forget to ask your hotel concierge for some leads as well. There’s a pretty good chance that something will be going on that will be both fun and affordable for your entire family; something that they will fondly remember for years to come.


  1. Fishing…ahh, it’s been so long since I’ve done that! I used to love it as a kid.

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