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What, pray tell, is a Wummelbox?

A Wummelbox is a subscription based craft box delivery service. Each box set has a theme which ties it together. Some of which are nutrition, music, color and light. The projects included in each box are made to help develop creative thinking, language, expression of feelings, movement and following directions.

crafts for kidsThe materials themselves meet all US and European standards for toys but are also Eco-friendly. Using natural items like sand, cork, reforested wood, and even the packaging itself these boxes are recycled, natural and reusable. Everything needed for each project is also included in the box, like scissors, glue, paint, etc.

The Wummelbox we received had the theme of Time Travel. The box included three projects. The first was to build a time machine using wood and stickers. This time machine is perfect for imaginative play and will help transport your little ones tot he stone age. The next project is Cave Painting. This project involves, paint, stamps and a home made, ‘cave’. This project includes everything needed including paint and paint brush. The final project is the Hunter And gatherer game. This project is a build your own game. This game is not a simple board game, but is highly interactive and is a blast to play. The final component of the Wummelbox is the story, A Stone Age story. This story ties the projects together nicely and could be read before, during, or after the projects are worked on.

pic 3The Wummelbox has a few options available ranging from Try A Wummel, a single box for $34.95. This is prefect to get a taste of Wummel. The 3 month is a bit more of a commitment, but also a bigger savings. This Little Wummel sells for $24.95 a month, for a total of $74.85. The annual subscription, called the Big Wummel includes a 12-month subscription and is priced at $19.95 per month for a total of $239.40.


  1. Very cool summer activity idea and perfect for home schooling…kinda want one just for me 🙂

  2. What a fun idea – would be neat to get different crafts to do each month!

  3. lots of options to choose from it sounds like

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