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While traveling, one of the most daunting tasks can be finding a wifi connection. The internet might be the only way to reach friends and family, or maybe just update your Facebook status. There are many options available to have a constant wifi connection, most of which are quite expensive. There is one option which really stands out as not only easy to use, but also cost effective.

The Net Zero 4G Hot Spot is pretty sweet. This new device acts like a router for the Net Zero 4G cellular network. Any wifi enabled device can connect to the special portable secured wireless network. This network can give the user 4G speeds anywhere there is a signal. This might not sound very quick when compared to a wired broadband connection, but keep in mind a broadband connection is usually only available at home or work.


The device is easy to use. All you have to do is turn on the device on. Which can be powered via the internal battery or wall adapter. Once powered up, the device searches for a signal and up to eight devices can connect to one Hot Spot. The signal is based on cell towers so if your phone doesn’t get reception chances are the Hotspot won’t either. There are exceptions where the Hotspot has gotten full bars while my phone has not as well, but its always worth a shot. As with all networks, the Net Zero network is constantly expanding and I can honestly say 80% of the time I was able to use the device to get online.

The wifi connections itself is steady and surprisingly quick. This is very handy when in an airport where every connection seems to require a credit card. It is very nice to be able for Mom to be on the laptop, Dad on the tablet, and Little Man on his DS. The connections is also easy to share so if traveling with friends, all they need is the network id and password in order to connect.

The device itself is available at a regular price of $99.95, but there are regular specials going on which knock the price down by quite a bit. Plans are required in order to use the device and plans vary in price from free at 200mb /month, $9.95 at 500 mb/month, then the pricing gets very interesting, because with the purchase of the device you unlock double speeds and half price hardware. For as little as $19.95 at 2GB/month, you get double speeds and the Hot Spot for $49.98. The more data youd like the higher the cost per month. This device is good for a alot of different scenarios and comes in very handy while traveling in particular. There is also a laptop/desktop USB option available for $24.98.

This is awesome to have when you are on the go- if you like to be connected, then head on over and grab one while it is still on sale.


  1. I had no idea Net Zero was still around! I am going to look into this!

  2. I’ve used NetZero during my last trips and it’s awesome. I would recommend it highly 🙂

  3. I recently have used my phone to create a hotspot for my ipad once – and it worked! But thi looks even better. Great suggestion.

  4. I’ve always wanted to try NetZero and am so glad to read your review. I need a hotspot but not necessarily another bill, so I’m looking for affordability and performance. As far as hotspots go, I do truly want higher than 80% but I know that is probably pretty good. I’ll definitely look into NetZero as I continue to research. Thanks for the great info!

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

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