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Disclosure: The below mentioned baby items from NUK were provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

Nuk Cups

There are so many baby products out there that it truly is impossible to be able to know about each of them. I will admit that I had never really been exposed to too many of the NUK products, but I will say that I am a huge fan of them now.

About NUK Cups:

NUK has a wide variety of cups available. They start out with the Learner Cups, and slowly progress as your child advances.

The cups that are available are:

  • NUK 10oz. Learner Cups ($6.74)
  • Gerber Graduates Advance Developmental Cups Soft Silicone Spout ($4.97)
  • Gerber Graduates Advance Developmental Cups Hard Spout ($4.47)
  • Gerber Graduates Advance Developmental Cups Insulated Cup-Like Rim ($4.97)
  • Gerber Graduates Advance Developmental Cups EasyStraw ($5.47)

Each of the cups are appropriate for certain stages of development in your childs’ lives.

The cups are all 100% Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof, and Break-Proof Guaranteed.

My Thoughts:

I was a huge fan of each of these cups. They really are all great. I was also extremely impressed with the Spill-proof, break-proof, leak-proof guarantee. So far I can say that we have had no problems with any of the cups leaking. My daughters enjoy drinking from each of the cups, as well as the fabulous designs that are on each of the cups. I definitely won’t be picking any other cups 🙂

FastDryBottle Rack


About NUK Fast-Dry Bottle Rack:

The Fast-Dry Bottle Rack dries each of your bottles or cups up to 10x faster than standard bottle cups. The rack contains a battery operated fan. The rack truly cuts drying time from hours to minutes. The rack holds up to 8 bottles plus nipples and accessories.

The Fast-Dry Bottle Rack sells for $24.97.

My Thoughts:

Cleaning all the millions and millions of bottles and sippy cups each day is a huge task. I am definitely a huge fan of the Fast-Dry Bottle Rack. My children are both out of the bottle stage, but we somehow go through sippy cups like they are going out of style :). I use this rack very frequently. I love how fast they dry with the fan on, but I am also impressed with how fast they dry with just placing them on the rack as well.

NUK ToothbrushAbout the NUK Toddler ToothBrush:

The Toddler Toothbrush has been backed by extensive research on what pediatric dentists recommend most. NUK is proud to be able to introduce an improved line of oral care products designed to aid in the healthy development of your child’s teeth and gums.

The toothbrush has a patented three-sided shape hugs each tooth for easy thorough cleaning.

The toothbrush contains an Easy-Grip handle that is sized just right for toddler’s hands.

The toothbrush costs $2.97.

My Thoughts:

I have been a huge fan of this great toothbrush. My youngest was not a fan of getting her teeth brush once we moved past the fingertip toothbrush to a real toothbrush. She would freak out as soon as we would walk into the bathroom. I was very interested in trying this toothbrush with her, and I must say that she now enjoys having her teeth brushed. I like how soft and gentle the toothbrush is on her teeth, and I am also a huge fan of the whole concept of this toothbrush.

gerber meals

About Tableware:

Gerber Graduates offers a full line of BPA-free tableware that helps parents teach toddlers how to feed independently which fosters independence and self feeding. The utensils and tableware are designed with little hands in mind.

About Gerber Graduates Toddler Snacker:

They come with a set of 3 interlocking containers with lids that are sized perfectly for toddler snacks. There is also a great icepack that fits into the lid as well.

100% spill-proof containers fit most cup holders.

The Toddler Snacker costs $7.97

About Gerber Graduates PlateMat:

The PlateMat can be used as a plat or as a placemat. It is a safe, clean surface that can be used anytime or anywhere. You can easily roll it up when you are on the go, but it always will lay flat when you lay it out.

The PlateMat costs $7.47

My Thoughts on Toddler Snacker & PlateMat:

I was a big fan of each of these items. The toddler snacker has been used a great deal in this house. I typically allow the girls to pick a snack if we are going to be out and about. When they pick their snacks I love having a container that I can add food to and quickly get on my way. I also am a huge fan of the ice-pack. I have put fruit in the cup and was pleasantly surprised at how well it stayed cold.

I also was a big fan of the PlateMat. I have used it at our house several times, but I have started rolling it up and putting it into the diaper bag. My youngest is still at the throwing stage, but I hate to put her food directly on the table. I was so happy to be able to have a placemat that she can’t pick up and throw, and that is always clean and readily available.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the great products that I mentioned, please head on over to the website.


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