Get Away In Las Vegas Without The Kids

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During the summer, family vacation destinations get a great deal of attention. Indeed, the warmer months of the year can be perfect if you want to find a nice beach or kid-friendly resort for everyone to enjoy for a few days. But what if you want to enjoy a summer getaway without the kids?

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For most parents, this is an appealing, and even therapeutic concept. The idea of leaving the kids with friends or family for a few days to enjoy an adult getaway means enjoying some relaxation as a couple together, rather than as parents in a crowd!

If you’re looking for just such a getaway this summer, Las Vegas may be the perfect destination to consider. You hear about the partying and the nightclub scene in Vegas, of course. But it’s also an incredible place for parents to soak up some entertainment, romance, and deep relaxation. Here are 5 specific tips to consider for your Vegas getaway.

1. Stay At A New Resort

The classic resorts you’ve seen in movies about Las Vegas are fun, but they tend to be busier, gaudier, and a bit less relaxing. Consider the ARIA instead. This is a sparkling, incredible new resort built more for luxury than for bright lights and casino activity. Of course, you’ll still find crowds, busy pools, and a casino floor. But you’ll also find unrivaled comfort and luxury.

2. Sign Up For Spa Treatments

For most parents who take off for a weekend alone, the main goal is simple: relaxation. You can certainly get some relaxation simply by being alone together, lounging in the room and hanging out poolside. But you can maximize your relaxation by booking some spa time, and the resorts in Vegas have absolutely incredible spas.

3. Enjoy World Class Food

You may love what you usually eat at home, but this is your chance to let someone else wow you with cuisine. In Vegas, you’ll find innumerable restaurants owned and operated by some of the world’s very finest chefs and restaurateurs. From Gordon Ramsay Steak, to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, to several others, you won’t be disappointed in the menu options!

4. Take In A Show

Las Vegas is famous for its incredible concerts, shows and performances, and taking one in can make for a beautiful and relaxing evening. From Blue Man Group, to Cirque du Soleil, to passing concerts and comedy acts, there’s always something amazing happening on a resort stage.

5. Spend A Night At The Clubs

Finally, spend a night out at the bars or clubs! You may be seeking out relaxation, but you’ll also certainly enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a bit of partying, which you can’t do with the kids around. Vegas is home to an incredible array of interesting, themed bars and busy, atmospheric clubs – go have fun!


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