Zoomer – the robot dog

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Technology is moving at an astounding pace, and almost every day it seems like there is an amazing new discovery or innovation.   One of those fields which are progressing astoundingly is robotics.


Check out Zoomer, a new, robotic dog.

Zoomer is awesome in robot form.  He acts just as a puppy would.  He zips around, does silly things and even pees.  Yeah, I know.  By pees, I mean lifts his leg- no liquid comes out.  Zoomer’s commands vary from sit, lay down, play with me, to pee and guard me.  Each command is easy to use as well, with a tap on the head and saying the word Zoomer before it, the command is issued.  The booklet included with Zoomer includes most of his commands, even ones he hasn’t learned yet.  He learns them by being played with more.  There are also some commands which you and Zoomer will figure out together.

robotic dog

Zoomer is about the 9 inches tall and 11 inches long, so he is about the size of a very small dog.  He sports LED eyes which correspond to his current activity (including X’s over them when he plays dead).  He has 4 legs which have wheels on them.  These wheels will not only traverse hard floor but also carpet with ease.  The icing on the cake is Zoomer’s tail.  It shakes and wags along with the pooch.  Zoomer zips around, barks plays, does tricks and is in general what one would expect a puppy to act like, minus the biting, peeing, pooing, eating, and fur.

Onto the important stuff, batteries and charging him.  Zoomer has an internal battery which is charged via a usb port on Zoomer’s chest.  He is fully charged in only a few hours and this charge will last for a little over an hour of play.

zoomer robot dog

Little Man doesn’t have any other robots of Zoomer caliber, but we did have a real dog for a while and he interacted with Zoomer in a similar way as he would with a real dog.  Zoomer is a dream come true for a family that in general does not want a dog, but maybe the kids do.  He doesn’t pee in the house, or need a bath.  He also doesn’t need shots or a dog sitter when going out of town either.  Another cool characteristic is Zoomer is hypo-allergenic.  No fur, no dander, no allergy. He also doesn’t pass away, which was something that we recently had to deal with.

Zoomer is made by Spin Master and will be available soon in the US.  You can pre-order him from Amazon for $99.


  1. zoomer is the best robotic dog toy in the market and I really love it

  2. You got a Zoomer, very jealous! Nice write up and thanks for visiting us 🙂

  3. I saw this in my e-mail and got excited, lol. We have Zoomer and I love him!!

  4. Jennifer Wagner says

    I wish that was around when my son was younger and dying for a dog. Robotics really have so many great uses.

  5. Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 Pack says

    Oh my kids would get a huge kick out of that. They love any kind of robot type toy.

  6. Hahahaha! I love that he “pees.” I’ll have to look up a youtube video of him to see exactly what he does. Thanks for the review!

  7. This is beyond adorable!!! My kids would love that!

  8. Melanie S. says

    My kids would both love that. I’m sensing a future Christmas gift in this one…

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