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This is a sponsored post as part of my being asked to host this Twitter party.  Opinions are my own.

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Halloween is nearly here!  While the kids are off at school, stop by the #MonstersMixer twitter party at 11am EST to win games and gift certificates.
Monsters Mixer is not only an Ebook, but also a kids creative app.
This app is a monster builder where players can edit their own monster by choosing among plenty of different options.
Players can give their own voice to the monster by recording it, feed the monster and make it grow, play jokes like splashing a cake on his or her monster’s face, take a picture with their monster, save their favorite monsters into a photo gallery, and more.  Who says monsters need to be scary?

Have a child who is afraid of monsters or afraid of the dark?  Let them play with these silly monsters and quell their fears.
Be sure to join the #MonstersMixer Twitter Party for a chance to win prizes!

If you haven’t registered yet to build your own monster,  hurry up!  Halloween is coming up fast, it would be such a fun surprise for your child.
You can also “like” and share Monsters Mixer fb page –

and check out the trailer here-

Join me for the #MonstersMixer  TWITTER PARTY

DATE: October 31

TIME: 11 am EST

PRIZES: $100 Gift Cards

HASHTAG: #MonstersMixer

HOST: @HaveSippy (make sure you are following!)

CO HOST:  @ebooks_kids (make sure you are following!)


Please RSVP below with your Twitter name and a link to your Twitter profile.



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