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With Christmas right around the corner, most of us are looking for the most fun toys to get for that special child in our life.  Here are a few of  our current favorites, and what your child would love to find under the tree this year.

new elmo

Big Hugs Elmo- this guy might be “The” hot toy of the year.  If you have a little one, Big Hugs Elmo is sure to please.  He is large (about the size of a one year old) and a whole lot of playful fun. Elmo loves getting and giving hugs, and will often ask for a bigger or tighter squeeze from your little cuddle bug. Elmo also asks to play ponies, jump like froggies, (and will comment along with appropriate noises) and dance, sing, nap, and more.  He raises his arms up and down, hugs back, and sings bedtime songs and snores when laid on his back.  You can find Big Hugs Elmo at or in physical stores near you for about $50- and if you want this toy, I think it will go fast, so get yours early.

elmo toy

If you are in the mood for Elmo, also take a look at Playskool Sesame Street Lullaby & Good Night Elmo by Hasbro.  This little guy is ready for bed, in his Dorothy the goldfish pajamas, and all set to comfort your peanut as he or she drifts off into dreamland.  Kids can snuggle up with Elmo and press Elmo’s tummy to hear a lullaby or one of a few bedtime phrases.  Take note that there is no “off” button, so the button may be pressed accidentally if your child is a restless sleeper.  Available at stores like Koh’ls or at for roughly $15.

furby boom

Furby Boom is the next generation in this popular line of toys, which have been around for quite some time now.  The latest Furbies are brightly colored with different designs (perfect for Christmas is the “festive sweater” Furby) and an app that works for apple or android devices.  (It even works on certain kids tablets like the tabeo, which  is great for parents to know, because if you are like me, you don’t hand your phone over to your kids to mess with.  That’s my toy.)  The Furby Boom, like past Furbies, has a mind of its own and combines physical and digital ways to play.  The more you interact with and play with your new pal, the more you shape it’s personality. The new Furby Boom also lets you hatch and raise digital Furby Furblings, has more than twice as many responses as did previous generations, remembers the name you give it, has 5 new personalities, and more.  It can learn English, help you understand “Furbish”, let you mix smoothies for it, give it virtual showers, and more with the free app.   You can get Furby Boom for about $65 on or at most retail stores.

 kids tablet

The previously mentioned Tabeo e2 is fantastic for kids. Tablets are great way to interface with technology, and kids need a way to get used to using them in a  way where it is both safe and educational. And they are not breaking mom and dad’s stuff.   Toys R Us has created the Tabeo e2.  The e2 has all the specs needed to run the newest apps, 8GB of Flash memory, Jelly Bean 4.2, Dual core 1.0 Ghz CPU, Quad-core GPU and 1GB of RAM.  All this makes for a zippy tablet which is a breeze to use.  Before the tablet can even run, you must set up the parental controls, which keeps your kids from doing anything you don’t feel is appropriate for them.  It just takes a few steps and an email address.  Included with the tablet is a charger, usb cable to connect to a desktop, and also a protective case to keep it safe when those accidental tumbles happen. Tabeo e2 is available available for pre-order now at for $150.


  1. Good ideas for Christmas

  2. Can’t go wrong with Elmo, always a hit and the Tabeo e2 is perfect, may as well start them early!!

  3. Furby is so cute, how cool that it interacts with a tablet now!

  4. So fun to see Furby back even better than ever. This sounds like the perfect gift for little kiddos!

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