Traveling to Venice in the Rainy Season

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Sometimes, when people are in the process of planning an international vacation, they will choose to go during its off season, on purpose. There are a few benefits that can come with this kind of strategy. For one thing, the plane tickets tend to be cheaper. Plus, once you arrive to your destination, it tends to be a lot less crowded which means that you can enjoy the city without standing in long lines or sometimes even paying high lodging fees and admission prices.

So, if you’re thinking about taking a trip to Venice during its off season, as you can see, it does have its perks. However, something that you should keep in mind is that between November-March (which is what’s officially considered to be its off season), there’s a strong possibility that you will encounter a lot of rain while you are there.
That’s why we wanted to take out just a moment to provide you with some traveling tips if you do plan to go to Venice during its rainy season. Check these out below:

Pack for cold and rainy weather. Honestly, once the rain starts to fall, sometimes it can lead to flooding. And just ask any local there, when this happens during the winter season, the water can be pretty bone-chilling. So from your raincoat and rain boots to your umbrella, sweaters and long johns, as you’re packing, think about what you would wear on a cold, rainy day.

Look into some of its “off season sites”. Although you won’t be going during Venice’s more popular times, that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t plenty of places to enjoy. There’s eating at the La Pescaria, one of Venice’s open-air markets. If you plan to go during the winter months, you can partake in the Venetian Winter Festival. And if you want to see some of its historic sites, don’t forget to go to the Doge’s Palace and to spend a day in one of its many museums and art galleries.

Consider staying at a bed and breakfast. Although Venice has plenty of nice hotels to choose from, bed and breakfasts are sometimes cheaper. Plus, since breakfast (and sometimes other meals) are provided, on the days when it’s a strong downpour, you can cozy up in your bed and breakfast suite. Some of the ones that you should consider staying at include the B&B Residenza ai Giardini, the Ca’ Bonvicini and the B&B Sandra.

Research the transportation options. As you’re checking out some of the beautiful destinations in Italy, due to the flooding, you may not want to concern yourself with finding some upscale travel in Italy options. In other words, there are some days when you simply might prefer to walk where you need to go. Just make sure that you have the concierge tell you where some of the elevated walkways are (it can help you to get from one place to the next a lot easier). Also, do a bit of research on how much it costs to travel in one of Venice’s water taxis. It’s literally a boat the travels on the waters in Venice. Aside from walking, it’s a really great “rain transportation option”.

Take each day as it comes. As you can see, just because you’re going during the rainy season, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty for you to do and enjoy. So, as you’re experiencing one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy , don’t let the rainy season deter you. Put on your raincoat, take in the sites and enjoy all that Venice has to offer. Come rain or shine.

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