Great Toys for Christmas

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Looking for last minute holiday toys and gifts?

So many people wait until the last minute- but that’s OK- there are some great finds and sales to be had this week.

Some of my favorites are;

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Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Control Shellraiser

My son loves this new vehicle, which has all the bells and whistles and has been dubbed “so cool”.   The Turtles figurines can really ride on it, and it fits in really well with the rest of the set if you have a little collector.  Side note- daddy had a lot of fun playing Turtles with my 6 year old as well.  He played with the “old school” version when he was a kid, and we still have some of the oldies floating around the house.  “Drive the Turtles into their next battle with this new, full-function remote control vehicle. From rail-riding to street-surfing, Donatello’s customized combat creation packs a powerful punch. With the green team all aboard, the Turtles will cream the Kraang with a frenzy of fast-firing sewer covers!  This vehicle comes with full-steering remote-control action, as well as the ability to control the rapid-fire sewer-cover cannon. Compatible with most Turtles basic action figures (sold separately).”  $49.99, most toy stores and online as well.


Peter Rabbit DVD and Gift Set

Based on the classic Beatrix Potter tales that are now a new TV show which has become a favorite for many kids (and will be in your home if you have missed it thus far) the Peter Rabbit set  not only features episodes from the TV series, but also some activities to keep your little bunny hopping. This is great to take along when you travel or to have on hand for sick days or snow days, or even to bring along to grandma’s house.  The included puzzle and crayon pack is perfect for keeping little hands busy instead of getting into trouble in the garden.  Exclusively at Walmart for $20

“Welcome to the Lake District, home to Peter Rabbit and his pals, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail.  Tag along with this intrepid trio on exciting adventures that teach valuable skills like reasoning, problem solving and the value of friendship. Nickelodeon’s Peter Rabbit, a modern take on Beatrix Potter’s beloved characters and locations – and some new ones as well – will have you cheering along with his pals in the first episodes from the series. Peter Rabbit is a high-stakes, humorous, heartfelt series that will bring back childhood memories for those familiar with the classic series, and help make new ones for a whole new generation.  Plus, this gift set also includes a Color-Your-Own Puzzle and Crayons Pack!”


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Pilllow Pets and Glow Pets

There are a lot of great options on the site.  They have new singing toothbrushes, which can go with your child’s favorite pillow pet or the one they already own.  These Brush Pets™ plays for 2 minutes when you turn them on, using with fun sounds as well as silly instructions on where to brush.  The voice is funny, my son loves it.  It also comes with a suction-cup “house” for the brush (that actually looks like a house) that sticks to the wall without a mess and keeps the brush clean.  Also available are new lines of characters, like Dusty from the new Disney Planes movie, or Sully from Monsters University.  Another new option- Glow Pets are adorable, and so much fun for bedtime and easy to travel with.  These are a great option for kids afraid of the dark, because they have an auto-shut off time, they are soft and snugly, and they glow.  Just press the button and turn this stuffed-animal from a daytime to a night time snuggle buddy. “Glow Pets uses over 30 different child-safe LED lights that never get hot. Glow Pets automatically turn off in 20 minutes and operate with 3 “AA” batteries.”  (as per website) AND they are on sale right now, at only $20.


DiscoRobo/ TOSY Robotics

This cute robot dances while music plays, which will more then likely get your kids (and you) up and dancing as well.  This funky machine uses  uses “beat detection technology” (bet you never heard of that before!) to match the music with 56  dance moves.  Which is about 54 more then I have, so I was quite impressed with this little dude. It also has eight facial expressions that light up while he dances, and his very own smartphone app that lets you interact with your DiscoRobo.  You and your kids can customize his steps, and by shaking your tablet or phone or swiping across the virtual DiscoRobo on the screen, he will do as you wish.  Another fun idea is to use your phone’s camera and record the dance, for an choreographed dance party with the kids.  Yes, sounds silly- but so did Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution, and look how much fun those are.  Got a kid who loves to dance?  Or a shy one you want to encourage to come out of his or her shell? This will be a hit, and be fun for the rest of the family, too.  For $45 at

Still looking for something for that special lady in your life?  Check out the retro jewelry at Jade and Jasper ( which is fun, funky, and affordable.  Easy to mix and match, your lady will love it.  If you are looking for something more personal, you can customize your jewelry with Joseph Nogucci ( and you will find it more affordable and just as lovely as the ones you see on the commercials.  These are two of this mom’s favorite jewelry companies, you won’t be sorry you shopped with them!


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