Peppa Pig is Here to Bring Holiday Cheer

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My son loves Peppa Pig.  The TV show is one of his favorites, and he can tune in on Nick Jr. daily.  When the first Peppa Pig toys came out, he was psyched.  Nothing is better then playing with your favorite characters and acting out the mischief they get into (and making up some of your own).  Truth be told, as much as he likes Peppa, he likes Daddy Pig more- he snorts WAY louder.  He also likes her baby brother George, because he throws toys, spaghetti, and hides from Peppa (which really peeves her).  So, the boys have it, according to my son.

Bedtime Peppa ($26.99, available at Toys R Us) This soft and cuddly plush doll from Fisher-Price sings a sweet lullaby and lights up as she counts sheep.  Bedtime Peppa Pig has cheeks that light up red, as well as she will sing lullaby songs, snort, and talk to you when you press her tummy.  She even has her own blankie (which is sewn to her so it can’t be lost, thus avoiding bedtime tantrums).

 peppa pig

 Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa ($12.99, available at Toys R Us) Kiddos can clean up in the tub alongside Peppa and George with this fun new bath toy from Fisher Price. Includes a bathtub caddy that sticks on tub walls.

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 If your child is familiar with Peppa, you know the “Muddy Puddles” theme.  There are plenty of shows about jumping in them, making muddy messes, and the toys, books, DVDs, and now new bath toys run the same gamut.  Kids like mud? Who would have thought.   The Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa Pig toys are cute- Peppa and George are covered in mud, and need a bath.  When you put them in warm water, the mud “disappears”.  The bathtub has suction cups on the side to stick to the bathtub wall, and a hole in the bottom to drain the water out.

pic1Peek N Surprise Playhouse ($34.99 available at Toys R US) Come over to Peppa’s house for a playdate full of sweet surprises.  This portable, four-room playhouse opens to reveal a home filled with fun transforming furniture – switch the sink from messy to clean, fill the tub for a bubble bath, set the family table for dinner time and much more! The playhouse includes over 15 play pieces and folds closed for easy clean up. Peppa and George figures are included for playtime fun. It comes with 2 piggies, and you can get extra characters to go with it as well. It opens up into a house, but everything (furniture, characters, etc) fits neatly inside and folds shut for easy on-the-go carrying. Yes, it even has a handle to make it extra easy to take along.

 peppa pig car

Picnic Adventure Car ($19.99 available at Toys R US) Join Peppa on a picnic adventure in her shiny red car that plays fun phrases, snorting sounds and a delightful melody.  The playset includes a Peppa figure, checkered blanket and a peek ‘n surprise picnic basket that flips open to show Peppa’s  lunch.  Includes two AA batteries.

Want to encourage excitement in the little guys? Let them have their own adventure with a good friend- Peppa Pig. This precocious pig from across the pond delights children on TV, and now has a line of toys and books available, such as this Picnic Adventure Car. Kids will love to act out their own road trip with Peppa and George (included) and the bright red family car, which plays songs and says phrases (and of course, does the “Peppa snort” that will send your child into fits of giggles). The set also comes with a picnic basket and blanket for $19.99 and is available at Toys R Us.

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Peppa & Friends Assorted Plush Dolls ($9.99 each, available at Toys R US)

These loveable little friends are so cute and cuddly, kids will want to collect them all! Plush dolls are available in Peppa, Cathy Cat, and George.  There is also a Peppa with a holiday dress available, so choose what suits you best.  These are adorable, soft, and snugly.  My son loves that he can have a George and Cathy as well- they are quite hard to come by, especially Cathy the Cat.  (He has an Aunt Kitty, so this is fun for him as well.)

 peppa pig book

Muddly Puddles Book ($12.99 available at Toys R US) There’s so much rain! When Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig tuck them into bed, Peppa and her little brother, George, dream of all the puddles there will be to jump in the next day. Little do they know that the rain is turning their house into an island surrounded by water — making for a different kind of adventure for everyone. My son loved the Peppa Pig Christmas book, which also had coloring pages on the back of the color. Sweet for the car ride! A double-occupier.

There you have it- A whole line of Peppa Pig and Friends just waiting to make your little one’s Christmas.  For more information on Peppa Pig, please visit or


  1. What a fun set! I love when the kids are able to play with their favorite tv characters.

  2. Ruthi aka abitosunshine says

    I love that Peppa Pig is a complete set of toys, stuffed animals, books, and more! Educational and fun is perfect for wee ones.

  3. Becky Lyons Borgia says

    My niece LOVES Peppa!!

  4. he looks enthralled with his book

  5. I love the peppa pig house and the plush.
    I love that Peppa stuff is making its way to our neck of the woods

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