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Looking for new foods to add to your diet to improve your health and wellness this year?  Check out what Whole Foods has to offer.

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·         Reserveage CocoaWell Cocoa Powder – Unsweetened, 8 oz (*Suggested retail price: $19.99)

This mixable powder can be added into a hot or cold drink to offer delicious nutritional supplements to support health, energy and body wellness. CocoaWell by Reserveage Organics takes its inspiration from one of the world’s healthiest cultures – the Kuna indigenous people of coastal Panama. Last year, the Kuna chiefs and CocoaWell signed a landmark sustainable business agreement – the first in the Kuna’ s history – to assist CocoaWell in promoting their sacred cocoa tradition.

This is more bitter then typical powdered chocolate drinks. It was good, but know that it is not the same thing- it would be like comparing yogurt to ice cream.  Both are good in their own rights, but you don’t want to eat one expecting the other  🙂

·         Spectrum Essentials Ground Flaxseed Orchard Fruit Blend *NEW*

Spectrum Essential’s popular ground organic flaxseeds now include a delicious blend of orchard fruit apples and peaches with the spice of cinnamon. Known to support digestive health, this product adds a great flavor to many meals.

My thoughts- we added it to muffins and pancakes.  It added a bit of flavor, and I am always happy to get more fiber in my diet.  My son and I need all the digestive help we can get- I would use this again.

·         Jason Powersmile All Natural Whitening Toothapste: Powersmile® All Natural Toothpaste features an exclusive blend of natural polishers and stain-fighting botanicals, including Bamboo Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and Silica, to help prevent tartar build-up while gently whitening and brightening your smile.

This has a sharp taste, somewhat bitter.  It takes a little getting used to if you normally use brands like Colgate or Crest.  It works well.

·         Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion: Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion is a satisfying blend of protein and superfoods that provides amazing energy and amazing health. Organic, raw, and infused with chocolate, these packets are a delicious and convenient on-the-go solution.

My thoughts- this was not the worst drink mix I have ever had.  It tasted “green”, and was drinkable.

·         Chestal Cold & Cough Medicine (*Suggested retail price: $10.99, 6.7 fl oz) Chestal cold syrup temporarily relieves symptoms of the common cold such as nasal and chest congestion, fitful cough, sneezing, minor sore throat, and runny or stuffy nose.

We have used this before- it’s a nice alternative to medicines with alcohol in them if you are fighting a minor cold or sore throat.  The taste is similar to other medicines.

·         That’s It Fruit Bars: These all natural fruit snacks use only real fruit as ingredients. They are made with only non-GMO foods and offer two whole servings of fruit in a convenient portable snack.

These tasted “green” with coconut undertones.  While they were not a favorite in my house, I have a friend that I think will like them, so I am saving the other one for her.


  1. I’ll have to check out chestal. We’ve all been sick around here lately and we use hylands stuff for my little ones, but I’d love some alternatives to check out.

  2. Mama to 5 BLessings says

    Love those cough medicines, I use them for my kids and they work like a charm!

  3. The Pinterested Parent says

    I love Whole Foods. They have a wonderful selection of organic & gluten products.

  4. valmg @ From Val's Kitchen says

    Whole Foods has so many gluten-free foods. I wish there was one closer to me!

  5. I love whole foods!

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