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Let me start out by saying that I’m quite out of shape. I like to say that the past year has not been kind to me, but in truth, I’ve not been kind to myself, either. While I’ve always been an active and physically fit woman, in the past year I stopped hitting the gym and doing my morning yoga, and it shows (body, mind, and flexibility). There was never such a wake up call for me as going paddleboarding in Turks and Caicos.

 paddle boarding

This had been a relaxing, welcome few days of tranquility at Ocean Club Resorts, something I had been in short supply of as of late. When the chance came to go paddleboarding, I jumped at it. I loved my past experience with this sport, and was honestly looking for a little action. (I get squirmy sometimes.) I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I had previously tried paddleboarding in Florida, on calm, flat, and shallow water in a quiet lagoon. In better shape and with regular yoga practice, I hopped right onto the board, and stayed up the whole time, falling in only after about 2 hours right before we finished the tour. This time, however, was not the same. I was not able to even get onto the board without a whole lot of falling, tipping, and rolling right into the ocean. I finally got on, but could not get to a standing position. The rocking of the ocean had me completely off balance, and I was also quite frustrated with myself.

Two other members of the group went on ahead of us before myself and another “newbie” were able to right ourselves on the paddleboards, which (being both of us competitive in nature) made us want to catch up and figure out how to get up on that thing without drinking half the ocean in the process.

At one point, we both decided to stop trying to catch up with the two paddle-pros, instead asking the two gentlemen who were stuck in the kayak waiting with us if they would mind letting us hang out and figure out how to use the boards properly. They were cool with that- and kept asking us if we wanted to switch to the (much easier to use) kayak. No. We were going to figure this out if it killed us. (But thank you for asking.) Again and again, we were in the water, not able to balance on the board. It’s no easy task getting back on the board when there is no ground to push off of, and it’s all a push-pull-slide game. Finally, finally- we both got on. Then- a miracle- one of the guides says “You need to move up on the board”. What? “Move up- closer to the front- it helps you balance.” Wonder of wonders, I can sort of stand now! Walking on the board, not easy- but I’m up! I’m standing! I made it nearly all the way back to the point we started at- granted, every time I looked up from the top of my board, I nearly fell again (yes, I stopped trying to do that) but hey, it was progress.

And when I went in for the last time, I was sort of OK with that. I made it a long time on top, ocean waves and all, and I know what I need to do before I try that again. More yoga, less dessert, and move up on the board. All paddleboarding is not the same- the ocean adds another element to it. Why did I think it wouldn’t? Because I am a stubborn mule, that’s why. If you are going to spend the day trying to find your balance, you can’t find a better place, or nicer people to do it with. Then head back to the resort for a nice pina colada to wash the ocean-water out of your mouth with.

To try this out for yourself, head to Water Play Provo activities located on the beach in front of Ocean Club.


  1. vickie couturier says

    never been paddle boarding,,looks like it was a bunch of fun an the weather looked nice too

  2. you got it in the end and what a beautiful spot to practice 🙂

  3. LOL!! Good for you for the persistence!

  4. Paddle boarding is so much fun. It has been far too long since I last saw the ocean.
    Go away snow!

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