Share Your Love at the Valentine’s Day – Adopt an Abandoned Puppy

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What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have a significant other that you are planning to spend it with?  Maybe you are planning on ‘surprising’ them with the traditional dinner, chocolate, and flowers?  Why not think outside the box this year?  Make it extra special.  Give someone a bundle of furry, unconditional love.  Adopt a puppy.  It truly is the gift of love that keeps on giving. 

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There are so many puppies in need of a loving home.  Every day, new puppies arrive on the doorsteps of the growing number of No-Kill shelters throughout the city. Even though the city just built a new $5 million dollar shelter for abandoned pets, there still isn’t enough room to house the overwhelming population.

So why not share the true meaning of Valentines Day with your significant other or, if you’re single like me, share it with yourself.  Go out today and save a life and give yourself the greatest companion there is to humans- A Dog.

I’m not saying you should abandon the traditional Valentine’s gifts.  Those are always welcome.  We all want to feel special in the traditional sense.  But you can make this Valentine’s so much more special by introducing a playful, new puppy into your lives.  Surprise your significant other.  Pick them up from work.  Don’t tell them where you’re going.  Then…

Take them to one of the many long-term, No-Kill shelters in San Antonio.  You can find a great list from San Antonio Dog Life.  Then you just need to find a puppy or dog that you both fall in love with and take it home with you.  Then surprise your significant other with dinner and some flowers at the house.  They will remember this day forever and you will turn a simple holiday into a family changing event that you’d take pleasure in recalling in the days to come.

However you’d better be prepared before you visit the shelter home. One thing I would look into before going to a shelter are the prerequisites that need to be met before adopting a puppy.  Just go through the list on San Antonio Dog Life to find all the best local adoption agencies and call them and ask what you need to do in order to adopt.  All agencies listed are all very helpful and really need loving families to take in the growing number of abandoned puppies. 

So give the gift of unconditional love this Valentines Day and adopt a puppy.  Save a life!


  1. We just recently adopted our 2 md rescue pup. she’s now about 16 week lab mix. I addition we have a 3 year old Shepard mix.

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