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Feeling the chill of winter?  Warm up with a trip to Turks and Caicos. Warm weather and good food await-and it’s not a long flight, either.

A great way to start our trip, The Conch Farm is both beautiful and educational. With conch being such a huge part of the island (a major food, source of many festivals, it was even on the flag) making sure that it is sustainable is vital. Located on the island’s eastern end, and first created (and still used as) a research facility, this is the only spot in the world that conch is commercially produced and grown.

turks and caicos

According to the farm, it “exports much of the conch you eat in the Florida Keys and Miami, (and) it’s breeding techniques could help save the conch from extinction”. With many predators (man being number one) and only a small percentage of eggs surviving to adulthood, this farm and it’s research are important to the island and to the conch in general. More then 25% of conch eggs grown to maturity at the farm, and the money made from the tours help fund research that goes into better farming, sustainability, and new techniques. Soon, completely round geodesic fish pens that will further help these and other fish from being depleted from over-fishing. This “revolutionary and state-of-the-art form of environmentally conscious commercial fish farming referred to as off-shore deep water submerged cage farming” spells good news for conch and conch lovers alike. While on the tour, you can the life cycle of the conch, shells in various parts of it’s life, breeding basins where they grow, a hatchery and laboratory, and even some fish hatcheries. You can hold tiny, growing conch, as well as meet the mascots- one male, and one female (Jerry and Sally). Yes, you can tell the difference- the male has a piston, which apparently is a delicacy.

There is a gift shop on site that sells rare conch pearls, shells, jewelry, and T-shirts.

conch farm

For more info, please visit

The Conch Farm: http://www.caicosconchfarm.net/why-farm-turks-caicos-conch-and-fish.html

Phone: 649-946-5330

 island food

While you are in a wandering mood, grab a bite at Caicos Cafe before heading back to the hotel. Conveniently located just across the street from Ocean Club West, it is one of the favorite eateries of both the locals and the tourists- so you know you will walk away full and happy. This al fresco hotspot is a great place to spend time with your significant other or best buddies for a few drinks or dinner. They have a fantastic selection of wines as well as a full menu of savory, Italian-inspired delights as well as the famous local seafoods that you count on while on the island.

Reservations are recommended.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/caicoscafe(no website available)

Phone number: 1-649-946-5278

 island seafood

Sun Charters Atabeyra Sailing Excursion

One of my personal favorite activities while on the island was the boat tour with Sun Charters. This retired cargo vessel is now a pleasure boat that takes happy tourists about the island, snorkeling, looking for sand dollars, and watching the sun set in the most amazing colors you will ever see from the most amazing setting.

As you sail, you can experience sailing for yourself if you desire- tending to sails, pulling lines, and even steering the ship (under the eye of the watchful captain) if you’d like. You are also welcome to bring aboard food and drinks so that you can further relax and enjoy yourself as you sail the same waters as pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Reid once did.

 island cruise

Feeling adventurous? I loved slipping on a pair of fins and snorkel mask (provided by the boat) and jumping into the crystal clear waters of the Cay to see what swam beneath. A bevvy of colors, coral, and fish of all sizes swam about, going on with their lives and not at all concerned with me. We also spent some time on a quiet beach, searching for sand dollars (one of our group found five!) and where there were none but us to be found as far as the eye could see. The day was dazzling, and will be one of the memories I take with me as long as I live. Some of the most spectacular views, and a relaxing, enjoyable experience. There is nothing on the island that can beat a sunset tour with Sun Charters.

 turks and caicos cruise

For more information, please see Sun Charters Atabeyra Sailing Excursion: http://www.suncharters.tc./


  1. Great post for middle of winter! Certainly makes me want to take a sunny vacation! It does sound like an interesting place. I never had heard of it before.

  2. OK. Now I am craving conch… 🙂
    I think it’s great that they do so much research and work on protecting the conch. A lot of tourist spots just care about profit. And the food looked AMAZING!!
    My fav has to be the the sailing! I LOVE the water and this sounds like heaven to me! I would love to go snorkeling!!
    I think I’m going to plan my trip to T&C NOW!!

  3. Becky Lyons Borgia says

    Oooooh….that sailing excursion photo looks to die for. How beautiful!

  4. Bobbie Seacrist says

    I have never been to an island before but after reading this, I really, really want to go. I can totally see myself soaking up the sun, laying on a blanket in the sand and then spending the evening eating all the delicacies. I would be in heaven! Great post and thanks for making me feel like I was there, even if it was just for a few minutes!

  5. wow conch is an odd critter isnt it?
    I love shell fish so I’d give it a taste 🙂

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