Free Birds Movie Review

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Thanksgiving is well in the past and turkeys across the country are breathing a sigh of relief.  This relief will last a few months, and as such- why not look at a movie about our delicious feathered friends (turkeys) with the movie Free Birds.

Free Birds follows the story of turkeys during the Thanksgiving season who are trying to not be the main course and live to see another day.  The main character, Reggie, is initially the only smart turkey of the group at the farm trying to warn the others of the eminent holiday and what this holiday means.  But instead Reggie winds up as next in line for dinner.  But lucky for Reggie his adventure continues as he is the pardoned turkey, and goes on to live at Camp David eating pizza.  But his days of pizza and soap operas comes to an end with Jake.  Through time travel, kidnapping, gun powder and some love Reggie makes new friends, saves the day and makes pizza a national food.

Free Bird features the voices of features the voices of Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler.  All of which do a great job playing the parts of Reggie, Jake, and Jenny respectfully.  The movie does a good job of tackling the topic of eating animals while still keeping the humor light and the tone of the movie happy for the most part.  This movie is perfect for this time of the year well after Thanksgiving and is full of cute characters.  Little Man loved the baby turkeys in the movie and had a great time watching it.  He also loved the coloring sheets and makes me print him out new ones all the time.

The movie is available now on Blu Ray, Dvd and digital edition.  Also available is the Blu Ray, DVD and digital HD edition of the movie which includes all three formats.  This version retails for $39.99 and is available now where ever fine movies are sold.

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