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 la bella pink

Bathes are a thing of wonder. They not only cleanse the body but also soak the soul, rejuvenating and re-energizing. After a long day of home tending or office tending a bath is a great way to de-stress. After keeping Tommy from either putting gum in Tina’s hair or gumming up the copy machine, a nice hot bath can make the day melt away.

 fizzing soaps

La Bella Pink has a line of soaps and fizzy baths to further induce soul soaking. With creative designs and conscientious products like those of their pink lemonade soap which includes curly swirls or their slice of Frosted Black raspberry vanilla cream soap which looks good enough to each and is as fun to use as any kids bath toy. Also available is the Ultimate Bath Cupcake which looks as good as it smells. You can feel good about using these products, too, since they are approved cruelty-free and vegan.

This cupcake comes packaged as an edible cupcake would but instead of munching down on it you drop it into your bath for a fizzy fragrant soapy escape. This cupcake would make a perfect gift for any women in your life even those watching their figure who wouldn’t normally like sweets. The beauty of this cupcake is that it has no calories at all.

The fragrances are prefect. Just enough to give the smell of black raspberry without punching your nose with scent or filling the whole house with it. My son and husband even liked the soap (mostly because it looked different and smelled nice). Just don’t tell them about the sparkles in it. 😉

vegan products

One of the more interesting characteristics of La Bella Pink is their big heart. Not only are their products completely animal free and free of animal testing but also they support recycling in their packaging and even reusing packaging which was meant for other purposes as their own. As they say reduce, reuse, recycle, the three R’s. La Bella also donates to Life Center or Autism, Disabled American Veterans and Crochet For a Cure.



  1. I have to say, my favorite part about this product is all of the awesome, responsible work they do in the creation of this product and with their profits!

  2. Love to make my baths special. These products would do just that. That’s nice of them to donate to worthy causes.

  3. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says

    I love pampering products like this! The scents sound amazing!

  4. Robin {Mom Foodie} says

    My little girl is pink obsessed. I wouldn’t get the chance to try any… she would totally steal these.

  5. Jennifer @TheRebelChick says

    I love playing around with new bath and body products. These look so fun, especially that cupcake one!

  6. Wow, love that they not only reuse, recycle, animal free…but they give back. What a wonderful company!

  7. vickie couturier says

    that looks so nice an relaxing,thats what I love to do,,get some nice soaps an bath salts an get in the tub with jets

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