Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet

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Tablets come in various sizes, one of the most popular is the 7.0″.  In this arena there are many options especially for kids.  One of the current stars in the tablet arena is Samsung.  One of the most recent additions is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.  This tablet differentiates itself from the rest on the market in one key category power.  Instead of giving kids an underpowered tablet/e-reader, Samsung gives kids a tablet that is not only safe and user friendly but also powerful and fast.

kid tablet

The Galaxy Tab sports some incredible specs:

Android 4.1.2, Jelly Bean

1.2 GHz Dual-Core


Dimensions: 4.37″ x 7.40″ x 0.39″

Camera Resolution Front 1.3MP

Camera Resolution Rear 3.0MP

Screen Resolution 1024×600

Battery 4.2 Volt, Li-Polymer, 4000 mAh


The parental controls on the Galaxy Tab is both simple and effective.  Kids are only allowed to have access to a set list of applications.  They are added from a  set list via a kids menu.  New applications can be added to the list only after inputting the parental password, which is a four digit code input at initial usage.  The kids menu itself is brightly colored and easy to personalize and navigate.  The tablet also sports a foam/rubber case which feels like it can take a fall without missing a beat. I would of course not suggest doing this, but if it does, panic is not necessary.

One of the coolest aspects of the tablet is with a few pushes of a button and a password entry the tablet changes from kid centered to the regular Galaxy Tab 7.0″.  So not only are you getting a powerful kid friendly kid tablet but also a kid friendly tablet for everyone to use.  The most difficult aspect of the Galaxy is waiting for your turn with it.

Little Man loves the games included, both educational and recreational.  With over 20 applications already installed and the entirety of the Google Play store it is easy to find a favorite for everyone.  Little Man particularly enjoys Where’s My Perry and Dolphin Readers.

The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids retails for $229.99 and is available at fine stores everywhere.



  1. Debi@TheSpringMount6Pack says

    I have heard of this one. My girls need a new tablet.

  2. The Mom Jen says

    Looks like a great gadget! I’m not familiar with Samsung products, but the speed would be enticing! Great review!

  3. We have the regular Galaxy Tab 3, I had no idea that they made the Tab 3 for kids also! My toddler does fine with out tablet but I love that the kids tablet is more user-friendly for children. I also like that 20 applications already installed on the tablet when you get it!


  5. Raijean Stroud says

    That tab looks really cool, going to have to look into it for the boychild!

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