Keeping Kids Occupied in the Kitchen

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Got little kids?  We all know that making meals can be one of the hardest time of the day- both because the kids want all your attention, all the time, and because keeping kids clean and participating in meals is never an easy task.

One of the best ways to keep kids busy in the kitchen is to give them something to keep them occupied- if you are cooking, why not let them “help”?  You could give them a real pot and put some water and etc in it, but that can be messy.  If you have smaller kids, you can give them pretend food to “cook” with at the kitchen table while you make dinner at the counter or next to them.  There are some great and realistic sets available now, made in felt, ceramic, plastic, and wood.


Melissa and Doug make many varieties, in both wood and felt. You can choose not only the set(s) that you prefer, but the material as well.  Some of the sets include a sandwich making set, which will keep kids entertained with the variety of items they can make.  The pieces (available in felt or wood sets) are stuck together with either bits of velcro, or the felt sticks to itself.  It comes with a wooden knife (that isn’t sharp, of course) and items like bread, rolls, lunchmeat, pickles, hamburger, and more.  To make sure your child gets their pretend fruits and veggies into their diet (and maybe encourage eating them in real life and at mealtimes) check out the Cutting Fruit Set.  The food makes a fun “crunch” noise when kids “cut” it with the included wooden knife.  Included are seven pieces of various fruits that can be sliced into seventeen pieces.  Of course, putting them together (or mixing them up into their own creations) is just as much fun as making the fruit salad for dessert. The sets come in their own wooden storage crates, for $20 on


If you have a little one that enjoys tea time- or you want to keep the occupied with stickers, and think they would enjoy creating their own tea set then serving the family some tea (or perhaps his or her stuffed animals), the Alex Toys Tea Set Sticker Party is just the thing.  The ceramic set is sure to be a hit, because your child decorated it themselves, so they will be happy to use it anytime.  Won’t they be pleased to make tea for everyone (or every toy) while you get your Alton Brown on. This set comes with four cups, four saucers, sugar bowl, and creamer, as well as more then 100 stickers to personalize the set. $19 at


B Toys, makers of all things awesome, has a lovely and gender neutral kitchen set made of brightly colored and durable plastic. It comes with a green tray, easy to serve your guests hors devours or breakfast in bed (or on the couch) for mom or dad on a special day.  Let them pretend with the plastic or wooden foods with the included dishes, cups, “silverware”, and more- then upgrade to real food once they get the hang of it.  Won’t dad get a kick of junior or the little miss bringing out some pigs in a blanket during game night?  How cute is that.  It can all be washed clean with soap and water.  Kids will love “pretending” in the kitchen, and “helping” when they get big enough to. This is a great and long lasting set, available for $20 at Target or

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  1. I think it’s important to get kids involved in the kitchen because it gives them a better understanding about what is healthy and what is not. It’s a great chance to also just talk to your kids. My kids both love spending time in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes to try.

  2. EJ (Jane) says

    I can’t agree with you more. Getting our children involved in our kitchens makes for happy healthier eaters. I have found when they are involved in the prep & choices they are willing to try so much more. In addition I love teaching them kitchen Math. It’s so easy for them to pick up size of measurements, count to help set the table.

  3. This is so funny, our two-year-old son Jack has just started asking for a pot and utensils whenever we’re in the kitchen, so that he can ‘cook’ as well. It’s great having him join in the fun in the kitchen!

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