Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament – Lyndhurst, NJ

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A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach, Medieval Times is a great show that the whole family can enjoy.  No worries, the little ones won’t be afraid- the show is very tame (rated G!) while still offering tons of fun and action. Make sure you arrive early to give yourself time to check out the torture exhibit should you so desire- not recommended for kids, obviously.  You can also (for an extra fee) have your child knighted for their birthday or other special occasion by the king in a special ceremony.  Launched in Spain in 1973, and in the USA  just 10 years later, it is widely regarded as the longest running and most popular dinner attraction in North America- and I have to concur.  During this 2 hour live performance, you and your family will experience a glace back in time- when knights defended the realm, and chivalry was not dead.

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Eating as most did during the 1500’s (yes, utensil free!) your loyal serfs and wenches will graciously serve soups, breads, chicken, ribs, potato, pastry, and beverages until you are ready to burst.  My son didn’t seem to mind, and just used his face (who needs a fork?)- and kept his eyes on the brave jousters. We cheered on our knight (everyone will be seated in a color and table- which represents an area and a Knight who will “battle” that evening), were excited when he won, and jeered the dark lord who came to cause trouble in the Kingdom.  We watched swordfights, jousts, and games of skill to determine who was the “champion” of the Kingdom, and who would defend it against the presumed evil-doer.  Handsome Knights were given flowers by the lovely Princess Catalina, who then gave them to some “lady loves” in the audience.

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The overall winner of the tournament will get to choose a lass who will be the personification of “Beauty and Love” for the evening.  After the show, everyone can go meet the knights, princess, king- and even the villain  for photos and autographs. To get tickets, call 1-800- WE-JOUST or go to


  1. We’ve been to the Buena Park, CA location about 10 times and really enjoyed it. Now, we’re getting ready to move to New England, so I’m glad the Lyndhurst location is just as good. Thank you for sharing.

  2. EJ (Jane) says

    We have tickets for an upcoming show, I can’t wait. Having two generations of kids under one roof this is a perfect venue to bridge the generations together.

  3. good food, swords and knights
    is there any better way to spend a Summer night?

  4. That looks like a lot of fun

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