Sometimes, You Gotta Get Away. Take these with you!

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So you are taking a trip with the kids.  Whether you are taking a road trip or hopping on a plane, you will need to keep the kids , safe, occupied, and at least a little bit quiet if you plan on staying sane.  Here are some fun new take-alongs for your next trip.

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First up comes the packing.  If you are like most parents, you become a pack mule, dragging luggage, laptops, and lovies all over creation.  Do it as easily as possible with something lightweight and durable, like the Delsey Helium line.  In 3 sizes, with 4 wheels that pivot and turn in all directions (which makes the lugging oh so much easier) it is “featherweight” luggage.  This is easier on your back, as well as great for packing, since we all know the airlines are fairly evil about the weights of baggage and trying to get every nickel out of you that they can.  Take that, TSA!  In both standard and brightly colored styles, it is quite durable.  My bag made it on 16 flights, 9 boats, and almost 20 trains and still looks pretty good.  The split book opening makes packing easy, and it comes equipped with a TSA approved lock.  From $160 and up on

Norway, Packing, Products (canon small cam) 215The Day Traveler line from Eagle Creek is and has been a favorite of mine- durable, lightweight, and easy to tote around, there are tons of options and your money is well spent- these bags LAST.  My new favorite, won’t leave without it bag is the Site Seeing Tablet Courier, which you can pack a surprising amount into.  Water resistant, so no worries about spilled drinks or rainstorms, lockable, and with RFID blocking technology ( which protects your personal information), it makes it so easy to travel light.  It has 3 pockets that zip of various sizes and depths, and can carry phones, tablet, wallet, sunglasses, and more.  It’s just a perfect size bag for all your travel needs. $45 at


6 20 14 and waterparks 207The EC Adventure Weekender Bag is all you need for a quick trip, or for a carry on the flight attendants won’t try to gate check for you.  It securely holds your computer and a change of clothes, as well as those necessities you don’t dare to check “just in case”. The shoulder strap is both padded for comfort and removable, and you can stow away backpack straps. The zippers can be locked, and it is easily stacked on top of the luggage you plan on checking as you roll it around. Again, versatility and durability are the names of the game here, and this bag did not disappoint.  $150 on

6 20 14 and waterparks 082 If you have a little one who is not quite ready for a big tablet, consider the VINCITab III M5_ which is a long name for a small tablet. A tablet made to both entertain and educate, it’s perfect for travel and also comes with a “bumper” to protect it from the drops and “oopsies” that often accompany kids.  While the website says it is created for kids 1.5 years to 9, I would say kids older then 6 will be bored with it, while smaller kids will have a great time and it will stimulate them without over-stimulating, which is vital.  Give them the edge with game based playing that teaches math and reading skills in an enjoyable way that kids will love to come back to- and keep them quiet in the car.  We got you, mom and dad.  Keep little minds working and occupied without having to resort to “Angry Birds” ALL the time, and they will have fun while they learn.  $129 at

6 12 12 007Going for a swim?  Keep your kid above water with Swimways.  Available in a wide variety of vests, life jackets, baby floats, and more, you will find the perfect item for your child and his or her swim abilities.  You can even pick up a noodle for when your child is feeling quite confidant or just wants something to play with or float on.  The life vests are about $47 and the Power Swimr (for swim training) are 21$- $23$ on Many other great swim products available, this is a fun line (you can get vests that have fins on the back, or look like a clownfish!) take your time and see what’s right for you.




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