Marvel Universe Live

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When can you step into the world of super heroes in the flesh? Of course, you need explosions and action, fights and excitement, but all the while in a safe  and fun environment. The answer to the question is with Marvel Universe Live. This new live action show features The Avengers, Shield, Spider man, and even a few X-Men join in the adventure. This makes the show big and action packed, and of course not to be missed by any comic book or hero fan.

8 17 14 012The story of Marvel Universe Live is easy enough to explain, the heroes must split up into teams to save the planet from some of Marvel universes fiercest foes, including Hydra, AIM, Lizard, Rhino, and Red Skull. But fear not the super hero bill is quite large two including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor, Iron Man, Spider Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Storm to name a few. All of which play key roles in saving the day. As the group splits to various parts of the world the action splits up too, from secret laboratories to snow capped mountains to the Statue of Liberty the scenes are big and feel like you are in the action. There is lots of fighting, lots of explosions and also motorcycles and tricks. One of the most memorable scenes would have to be Spider man and Thor at the Statue of Liberty. Not only is the statue represented but the high flying action between Spider-Man and his foes are represented in a big way including flying gliders, web slinging and of course Thor’s famous thunder hammer.


This show is great fun for little kids , Little Man had a blast and so did dad.  There were plenty of familiar favorites and some new faces to the general public which were a nice addition like Captain Marvel. There are a lot of explosions to those sensitive to them should be aware. Also the fight scenes are well choreographed so no one is hurt, which is a good thing to explain to kids- as is the giant blow up Hulk in the second act.

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  1. what a fun show this looks like! i will have to take the little ones

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