Kazaz – Great New App For Kids

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It may sound like a 1960’s Batman phrase, but Kazaz is so much more then that. Kazaz is a new app which features a world of interactive stories presented in an animated format which combines sight, sound and touch to engage and promote learning. Available now,  Kazaz has three new stories- The Magic of Kazaz, I Am the Music Man, and The Story of Wooding. Each of which is a cute, interactive tale which can either last 10 minutes or an hour (or more) full of learning and fun. While reading, users will be able to find gems hidden throughout the story to unlock new animated segments and informational blurbs. The Magic of Kazaz is an orignal tale for the magical planet of Kazaz.  I am the Music Man is a sing along with the Music Man, which is full of hand clapping, toe tapping children’s songs; and last but not least, The Store of Wooding, the tale of a young swan who takes an exciting journey. What we liked about the app was ability to save your position and return to the story later. Not only is one save allowed, but also three so siblings can play without interrupting each others experiences.


The Kazaz kids website is a great place to extend our learning with three different sections for different users. For kids there is the Pizzazz section, parents have the Grownups Section, and Grandparents can use the the Grandparents sections.  Extending users experience through an online portal is a great way to bring the learning experience full circle.

Kazaz! on the App Store from Kazaz! on Vimeo.

The Kazaz app is suggested for children aged 3 to 8 years old and is a platform to download furhter stoires, the first story The Magic of Kazaz is free while I am the Music Man is $1.99 and The Story of the Wooding is $2.99.

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  1. looks like a great app, have to try it out

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