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If your husband is like mine, you never really know when you run out of something until you go to grab it and it’s somehow just not there.  Is it on the list?  Nope.  Was it ever?  Of course not, that would make too much sense, buying a new one before you ran out. Silly rabbit.  One thing I like to do is have non-perishable options available for things we use often and run out of on occasion, like milk.  Powdered is a good choice, as it lasts a long time and is easy to use (and yes, tastes fine as well).

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No, I didn’t tell him to pose like that- he thought that the “kiss of cream” slogan was funny.  He’s an odd duck, alright…LOL. He liked the milk in his cereal, but we are going to save the rest for “next time” that we run out of milk, which is sure to happen.  We might also use it for an upcoming camping trip- regular milk just won’t due when you are lacking electricity to keep it cold.

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Once a beloved favorite on supermarket store shelves, Milkman ceased production in 2011. The company has since been flooded with requests from loyal consumers for its return. Due to a barrage of consumer requests via email, calls and letters, the company has brought Milkman back for consumers to enjoy. Milkman low fat powdered milk can now be purchased online at,, and at

The versatility of Milkman low fat powdered milk is astounding. Boaters, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts alike enjoy the convenience of being able to enjoy real-milk flavor while on-the-go. It is also a favorite of coffee lovers and health enthusiasts for being a low-fat, nutritious, protein packed drink with a rich, natural flavor. While at-home bakers appreciate that it disperses evenly and completely, making it a key ingredient for recipes that call for milk. Parents of young children have peace of mind while keeping it on hand. Milkman packets are also preferred by consumers who live in remote areas, nursing homes, colleges, and for those who stay prepared for emergencies. Also, starting this month, any ingredients containing GMO’s will be eliminated from Milkman low fat powdered milk so that the product will be completely GMO-free.

One of you can win some milk to try for yourselves- just use the RC form if you would like to enter.  Ends Nov. 5, 2014.  Good luck!
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  1. Leslie Davis says

    I am excited! I hope I win the prize. I’d keep it I think.

  2. April Bever says

    My four year old is a milk junkie! LOL she LOVES milk. I would get this for her.

  3. Cori Westphal says

    This would be great for our camper! I’d keep it for my hubs to take hunting and camping!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  4. kyl neusch says

    I would give it to my brother. He likes this stuff.

  5. saralynns2 says

    I will probably keep this prize. It is nice to have for days we need milk, but are out. Powdered milk is a good alternative to running to the store!

  6. Tracie Brown says

    I would keep it. I have 2 children so I can use it if I run out of milk or run out of milk when baking things 🙂

  7. I would keep it. I’m a sort of mini food hoarder (food hoarder lite) who is intensely paranoid about earth quakes and such. I am also a person who forgets to buy things (like milk) more often than you might imagine. So this would be great to have. I am excited! I hope I win the prize.

  8. I would keep this for myself; I would love to keep this in the pantry for when we run out of milk!!

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