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LeapTV is the newest gaming console by LeapFrog. This console differs greatly from its bigger counter parts, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, in quite a few areas but most of all the LeapTv is geared toward little ones and learning. With fun characters and fun new ways to interact with them, learning is much less of a chore and much more a fun game time.

kids gaming systemLeapFrog have been making educational based games for years now and their most recent gaming console the LeapTV brings them a step further into the future. The console features three forms of input body motion, so that the kids can see themselves on TV moving around.  This is best for sports games where the user can block the soccer ball or kick a ball for examples. The second is turn, move, and twist the controller- this is much like other motion controllers, but it also includes twist capabilities which is perfect for puzzle solving or moving a character on the screen. The last way to input with the system is a classic controller, perfect for those who enjoy old school input, great for platforming games which have been classically played with a d0pad and buttons. An interesting fact about the controller is that the motion sensing and classic controller are the same controller, just in a different configuration.  Once your child is accustomed to using on controller they are used to both of them.

leap games
The games themselves have easy controls, and whenever there is an explanation of these controls, they are both in audio and visual so the player can easily learn how to play if their reading skills aren’t that sharp yet. My son loved this aspect of the system because he is often left out of some of the more mature games because he isn’t the best reader yet.

leap padLeapTV is available everywhere electronics are sold and retails for 149.99 and includes one controller the system itself and camera device.

kids learning games


  1. what a cool controller
    it transforms!

  2. This looks so great for kids! I love that it is from Leap Pad so you know it’s educational!

  3. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says

    It’s wonderful how they’ve come up with programs like these that actually help kids learn while keeping them entertained 🙂 I didn’t realize they came out with an actual console now!

  4. My son has LeapTV and loves it. It’s the funniest thing. The game with a cat that you name – he named his Lucky Baby. He had me take a photo of him standing next to it on the tv and print it to take to school to show everyone.

  5. Nicole [Travel Blogger @jetsetfam.com] says

    This looks like so much fun! And I love the educational part. Thank you for sharing!

  6. My kids have been playing with this game console and they like it because it is just their size. The games have already been added to my son’s Christmas list.

  7. That looks like a great game to give for a Christmas present! Your boy looks like he is having a wonderful time!

  8. he looks like he is having a good time

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