Night Driving Confidence

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Driving at night can be difficult for many.  With the low light and low visibility, objects can seem to ‘jump out at you’,  coming out of nowhere it can seem.  This is especially true to people who do not receive certain nutrients in their diet.  These nutrients- specifically zeaxanthin and lutein- are mostly found in leafy greens, corn, eggs, and red, orange, and yellow peppers, but, since it is difficult to get enough in the American diet, optometrists recommend a nutritional supplement like EyePromise vizual EDGE.  EyePromise vizual EDGE™features the highest levels of dietary zeaxanthin on the market and has been scientifically proven to improve night driving visual performance, including improving contrast, reducing glare sensitivity and reducing glare recovery time.

pic4Some of the dangers of night driving can be broken into three categories; Low Light – which makes it harder for your eyes to see contrast and gauge objects and distance, Glare – headlights can cause glare which then causes your your eye a temporary flash which you eye needs to adjust to, and Reaction Time – With a smaller reaction time window the ability of the driver to react quickly and make safe decisions diminishes greatly.  Surprisingly enough, 90 percent of reaction time depends on vision.  These dangers make safe driving difficult at night and low light conditions making the traffic death rate three times as greater at  night then during the day.

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You can win an EyePromise Night Driving Confidence kit, complete with a car emergency tool/flashlight, headlight towel, EyePromise sport bag, coupon for EyePromise vizual EDGE and more! Simply tell me how your vision affects your confidence when driving at night. Leave your answer in the comments below!

Eye-Opening Truth about Night Driving


  1. at night time , my vision gets very blurry.its a concern for me

  2. Brittney House says

    I don’t like driving at night because my glasses give off glares at night.

  3. Laurie Emerson says

    I am always hesitant driving at night. Bright lights tend to make me nervous and I know I drive far too slow for traffic.

  4. My vision usually gets blurry at night.

  5. I don’t like the glare, but I do okay on roads I am familiar with.

  6. Diane Baum says

    I’m not very good at night driving and only do it in the winter, when it gets dark early-on my way home from work

  7. I am terrible driving at night…my vision is so much worse.

  8. Driving at night concerns me, this sounds like a great idea.

  9. danielle Marie says

    i work nights so i am always driving home at night, normally when the bars close. i need to have better night vision to avoid everyone else on the road. makes me nervous driving.

  10. robyn paris says

    i feel a bit better driving at night with my glasses other wise i’m not sure i’d drive at night.

  11. Driving at night concerns me

  12. Driving at night is most difficult for me. I would love to give this a try.

  13. Yes, driving at night concerns me; I don’t do it as often as I use to so it worries me some.

  14. night driving scares the crap out of me sometimes too.
    maybe this is why…..
    looks like i gotta stop by the dug store.

  15. sounds like a good idea to try out

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