Nut Free Thanksgiving Goodie Bags for The Classroom

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Nut Free Classroom Snacks

So, it’s that time again- time to be supermom.  As if you don’t have enough to do, it’s class party time, and you are in charge of snacks.  With everyone allergic to something, you need to be conscientious about your food choices.  If you, like me, are not the crafty type , here is a cute (and easy!) all-in-one craft/goody bag the kids are sure to love, and your kids will love making with you.  (Look at that, you ARE supermom!  Quality time with the kids and class party making all rolled into one, score one for you.)

My son and I made these turkey snack bags for his class.  Yes, it would have worked out better if we used orange, brown, or yellow pipe cleaners, but he wanted black ones, so there you have it.  No arguing with the kiddo.

What you need

Pipe cleaners
Orange or yellow construction paper
Non-latex gloves- you know someone is going to be allergic to latex

Marshmallows- get a variety
Candy corn- get a variety if you can
A magic marker (or package of googly eyes)

By the way, not only are most marshmallows nut free, but also gluten free.  The same goes for candy corn- though some brands process on the same machines as other products, so check before you buy.

gluten free classroom treatsSee- apples make this snack healthy, right?  (Go with it.)  These are fun- if you got a variety of marshmallow flavors (colors, what have you) and candy corns, you will be able to put a different one in each finger as a different color “feather”.  This is a fun take on the classic “turkey handprint”.  The apple serves as the body- and you can use any apple color- my son wanted to use red ones.

nut free kids treatsWhen you are all done stuffing the fingers, put the apple in, and twist the hand bottom shut.  Twist tie the pipe cleaners around the bottom as “feet”, and put an eye on it with a marker or googly eye. Last but not least, is the construction paper beak.  Feel free to add a waddle- we didn’t, because my son doesn’t like those.  They don’t exist in his world, so there.

nut free kid treat

And there you have it!  Fun and creative (if I do say so myself) classroom treats.  Enjoy.


  1. Very cute! I really like how you thought about all the kids with allergies. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

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