Quest Protein Bars and Chips – Great for Workouts

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Disclosure: The Protein Bars and Protein Chips from Quest mentioned below were provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

As I’ve been finding myself working out more and more I have been trying to add some more protein to my diet, especially right after my workouts. I must say that I have been completely impressed with my products from Quest.

About Quest Nutrition:

Companies only have a chance at a true greatness when they are driven by a mission. Our mission is to revolutionize food and make healthy eating fun. 

The Quest Bars were created from a simple idea: healthy food should taste amazing with zero compromises. They set out to deliver something that no one had done before and believed that with enough hard work and innovation food could be delicious and good for you. People eat for enjoyment rather than sustenance. That’s why Quest is driven to engineer foods that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition.


About Cookies & Cream Quest Bars:

With this wonderful Bar you can bite into real cookie crumbles and delicious cream with absolutely no guilt. The Cookies & Cream Quest Protein Bar has 21 grams of protein, tons of fiber and no sugar added.

These awesome bars contain 21g of protein and only 3g net carbs. This is the only true loq carb bar on the market.


About Quest Chips:

These great chips have wonderful flavor. You can now crunch into a bold, flavor explosion packed with 21g of protein and only 5 g total carbs per bag.

 My Thoughts:

I have been completely impressed with both of these snacks. The Protein bars have been my favorite breakfast after my morning Spin Class. I love the flavor of them. I can tell you that it honestly tastes like my favorite Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, just not as cold.  I look forward to having my after workout snack each day!

I was a little skeptical about the chips, but I must admit that I thought that they were great as well. The flavor was exceptionally well and they left me full and satisfied, which is always important after a workout.

I look forward to trying other flavors of the bars. I have never really liked Protein bars in the past, but not I really enjoy them and know that they can be high in protein and taste great as well.


If you are interested in purchasing these great products, head on over to Quest Nutrition so you can purchase just what you are looking for.


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    Absolutely right! Quest protein bars and chips are the great workouts for those who want to properly maintain good health.

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