Kidz Bop 27 – Great Kids CD

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We love to listen to great music in this house. The girls go to dance class, play group, and many other places that hit songs are being played. They love the songs, but I don’t always love what they are about and what is said in the songs. I love Kidz Bop CD‘s. I was very excited to be able to try out the new one!

About Kidz Bop:

Kidz Bop records kid-friendly versions of today’s biggest pop music hits. They release two major numbered albums each year. They also release a themed album in the spring.

Who sings on the Kidz Bop albums?

The Kidz Bop kids sing on the kidz bop albums. For four consecutive years (2010-2013), Billboard magazine has named the Kidz Bop Kids the “#1 Kids Artists” in the U.S. !

Who are the Kidz Bop Kids and how does Kidz Bop cast the group?

Meet the new Kidz Bop kids – Ashlynn, Bredia, Grant, Jayna, and Matt! Kidz Bop recently held a nationwide casting call to find a new group of talented young performers to sing on the Kidz Bop albums, star in TV commercials & music videos and travel North America as part of the Kidz Bop Kids live tour. Thousands of kids across the country try out and only 5 are picked.

The Kidz Bop Kids perform more than 25 live shows each year.

About Kidz Bop 27 CD:

  1. Shake It Off
  2. All About That Bass
  3. Fancy
  4. Boom Clap
  5. Rude
  6. Problem
  7. Am I Wrong?
  8. Maps
  9. Really Don’t Care
  10. Latch
  11. Break Free
  12. Cool Kids
  13. Shower
  14. Rather Be
  15. Say Something (Live)

My Thoughts:

This wonderful CD features some great songs!  My girls were so excited to listen to this entire CD. We have only had it for a short time, but we have already listened to it more times than I can even remember!  In addition to listening to it a great deal, we have also sang Karaoke with it as well on their Karaoke CD. They have had a great time having friends over listening to it and enjoying every minute of it.

I love Kidz Bop CDs.I love that we can listen to popular songs and enjoy them without having to constantly edit certain parts of them. I use them with my own children as well as when I’m teaching in my classroom.


If you are interested in purchasing this awesome CD, head on over to Kidz Bop and order one for yourself today.


  1. Steven Harrison says

    I’m considering getting this one for my kids. They need a little diversification. I’m getting a little overexposed to their current favorite album.

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