Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Day 4

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Today we woke up to a beautiful, sunny day and gorgeous view. The sparkling blue waters of Nassau were right outside our door, and we could not wait to greet them in person.

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After a quick breakfast, we headed into town. We walked through the shopping district a bit, but mostly were interested in some beach time. The closest one was Junkanoo Beach (also known as “The Long Warf”), about 15 minutes away. As soon as we arrived, it was time to hit the beach. We of course had to build sandcastles, then my son and I were in the water for most of the day. Daddy preferred his beach time. (Hmmmmm….ha)


After spending most of the day, we decided to head back. We stopped in a few local stores (we were looking for something special for a friend of ours who made a request) and headed back to the ship. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we showered and headed down to the “Breakaway Pier Party”, which was so much fun. The crew was out en masse, dancing and partying the whole time.

Even SpongeBob and Patrick got in on the action, and posed for some photos with the kids as well.

SponeBob was a dancing machine, let me tell you . He really knows how to bust a spongy move.

We stayed out for nearly the whole party, and were having a great time- it really was super fun. One thing that stuck me as well was that Julie, the Cruise Director, who is Canadian but whose last name I don’t know- was out on stilts. She is the one in the pink pants. Really! That’s something. One of the kids club crew was the clown on stilts- very multi- talented. Julie also danced in the last song in “Burn the Floor”, and will soon make several more appearances today. The woman does not mess around.


We had about an hour of down time before we headed of to see the show of the night, Rock of Ages. This show is also on Broadway, but I didn’t know much about it. It’s very adult in nature, but young kids will miss most of it. However, there is some VERY scantily clad women doing some very….interesting gyrating and making use of stripper poles, so maybe leave the kids in kids club for this one.

The show is basically a montage of your favorite 80’s hits, with a simple love story plot thrown in, as well as the classic 80’s big, bad business screwing over the musician theme. Don’t worry- it all works out in the end. (Shocked? LOL) Shakespeare it was not- but it was fun and funny, and everyone enjoyed it. Oh, and who showed up to sing and dance in a number? Cruise Director Julie. Girl is everywhere.

After dinner, we continued the 80’s madness with the Awesome 80’s Party (hosted by the Breakaway staff, and of course Julie). This was, again, a whole lot of fun, and I had more fun then I should maybe admit. But whatever, it was fun, and I had a great time singing 80’s songs at the top of my lungs and two-stepping it. There were so many people having an awesome 80’s time, and reveling in it’s radical sounds and dance moves, it was easy to get caught up in it.

To cap the night of, the ship set off fireworks. From the ship. Crazy right? But so cool. My son loved it- we all did.

P1020659We had a great day, and are all ready for bed. The husband and son are actually already snoring, and I am ready to join them. Two more days at sea, and we will be back in NYC. See you soon, but dreading hitting that wintery weather after spending all this time in a bathing suit and flip flops.


  1. i love spongebob.
    looks like you had a great time.

  2. Looks like so much fun!! I would love to go on a cruise with Spongebob and all the great dance parties!

  3. those are great photos!

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