Evoz Baby Smart Parenting Monitor

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Technology has transformed the way we monitor our babies, even allowing us in some cases to watch our children from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet.  But there is nothing on the market today that offers a host of “connected services” giving parents access to real sleep coaches, collect baby’s sleep habits AND even send cry alerts to your phone- until now.


Evoz Baby Smart Parenting Monitor takes baby monitors a step further with a complete Parenting Toolbox that let’s parents track their baby’s sleep habits, send “cry alerts” and even collects this data including how long they’ve cried, so that parents can address possible sleep issues.  It also automatically tracks the baby’s room temperature and alerts parents when it is outside the expert’s recommended range.  It also allows parents to watch their baby from anywhere in the world.

With a simple press of a button, parents can also activate these useful features, including:

  • A built-in nightlight in the monitor’s base helps illuminate the room and bring a sense of tranquility to baby;
  • Parents can remotely play pre-loaded lullabies or update new songs and audio books that adapt based on baby’s age;
  • Two-way communication feature allows parents to talk, sing and soothe their baby back to sleep with the simple sound of their voice; and
  • Capture precious moments by taking photos of their baby via the monitor.

As a global innovator in the development of smart monitoring devices and connected services, Evoz has redefined how families monitor their baby with the pre-launch of their highly anticipated Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor on Indiegogo, February 16th (http://evozbaby.com/indiegogo). This revolutionary sleek, magnetically mounted monitor allows parents to watch their child from anywhere while providing a never before available parenting toolbox that provides a host of important parenting tools.

With the Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor, parents simply download the free app to turn their smartphone and tablet into a monitor to watch baby, capture precious moments through snapshots and recorded video, play soothing lullabies, control the nightlight and even talk to their baby – all with a touch of a button. What further differentiates this stylish new monitoring system is its cutting-edge parenting toolbox that provides a wide array of important tools, including a means by which parents can track a child’s sleep habits.

“With significant demand for the Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor, we wanted to provide parents who love sleek technology with an early opportunity to place an order through our initiative with Indiegogo,” says Avishai Shoham, founder and CEO of Evoz. “We also plan to use this campaign to identify our Top 50 Club, parents who will not only receive discounted products and perks but also will have critical input to Evoz management as we continue to innovate with additional products and services,” he adds.

The Evoz Smart Parenting Toolbox provides a suite of services including baby data logging and tracking, parenting content and even allows for scrapbooking. Special “cry alerts” notify parents via push, text message or e-mail when baby is unsettled in the crib, while collecting important sleep data such as how long they have been awake and crying. This allows parents to quickly and effectively address sleep issues. Furthermore, the device automatically monitors the baby’s room temperature and alerts parents when it is outside experts’ recommended room temperature.

Parents continually have questions about their baby’s sleep habits and Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor has addressed this by presenting to parents content and answers specific to their baby’s age and wake up patterns through a partnership with Kim West, a.k.a. ‘The Sleep Lady.’  Ms. West has been a practicing child and family therapist for twenty years, creator of the “Gentle Sleep” method and has trained sleep coaches around the world, available as a resource through Evoz Smart Monitoring toolbox.

“Monitoring sleep habits is critically important for parents as they struggle to ensure a safe and secure sleep environment,” notes Kim West. “With the data gathered in the Evoz monitor, the videos and content available and our team of professional sleep experts, parents can get personalized insight, information and support to successfully improve their baby’s sleep.”

Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor will be available in April online at www.evozbaby.com as well as at leading online retailers. Consumers can, however, get one of the first units through Indiegogo (http://evozbaby.com/indiegogo) in February.

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