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Not that we are all about the plugging in (in fact, quite the opposite) but there is a time and a place for everything.  When you are looking to upgrade, here are some ideas that can make your next trip that much easier.

pic9Tiggly develops interactive apps for toddlers and preschoolers, as it has been shown through research that manipulating physical objects helps develop key skills in early childhood development. Tiggly Counts is an award-winning math learning toy aimed at ages 18 months- 6 years old.  The goals of Tiggly is to help children develop spatial reasoning, motor skills, language, and creativity.  They have another product in this line available as well, Tiggly Shapes.   When you buy the Tiggly Counts package, you receive the counting objects, that children use to interact with the 3 included apps Tiggly Cardtoons, Tiggly Addventure, and Tiggly Chef . Kids can use the apps with mom and dad to help, or on their own.  They are pretty proud when they accomplish a task “all by themselves”, and the app and counting objects help them learn counting as well.  Available for $30 on, works with iPhone/iPad and androids.

coloring appPainting Lulu is part coloring book, part app.  Kids can color in the activity book, then scan the page into their tablet using the included free Painting Lulu app.  The art shows up an the screen, where they can keep coloring, retouching, and changing it up as they would like.  They can also start with blank pages and go from there.  The pages can easily be printed, saved, and shared with parents as well.  It comes with the coloring book, app, and digital crayon (stylus) for $9.99 on Works with apple and android devices.

P1030021The Camelio Tablet is great for families with multiple kids who all want a tablet, but you don’t want to spend the dough on one for each kid.  Hey, those things get pricey.  This tablet features Android 4.1 and is fully customizable, which is great for tweens, teens and even younger kids. Up to five users can share the tablet with their own customized theme and case, so you know whose is whose.  That might sound funny- but not only is the “skin” customizable, but each individual user can easily create their own profile and customize their account with Camelio “Personality Packs”.  These packs include wallpaper, lock screens, bumper case, themed music, games, and more.  Prices vary, see for more details.

P1030088The BURG Watch is the first smartwatch that is also a phone- and one that you can pay as you go with.  You don’t need a contract for this sleek accessory, which looks like a classic but lets you make and receive calls and texts easily. You can also pair it with any iPhone or Android smartphone if you prefer. You can also use it to do all the things you love about your traditional smartphone- take video, listen to music, take photos, and more. This watch/phone accepts SIM cards, so it can operate on it’s own, and even use it internationally (as long as you get a card once you get to your location- something I am looking forward to trying out!) It can have up to 500 contacts added to it, a calendar, has BlueTooth capabilities, and more.  Prices vary by color and material, visit for prices and options.

P1030017And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, though without any technology, comes Silly McGilly. Silly McGilly is St. Patty’s day’s version of the popular “Elf on the Shelf” or “Elf Magic”- an impish little elven creature playing tricks and crating mischief leading up to his favorite holiday.

This is a cute little leprechaun and book combination that will let you and your kids have fun while planning your St. Patty’s day festivities- and this little leprechaun isn’t at all scary looking or bearded, which will make many kids happy. He is happy and friendly looking, which makes him all that much more huggable. The hardcover book and stuffed toy set are available for $29.95 at




  1. ooo all kinds of nifty things.
    that smart watch woul dbe perfect for the mister.
    and tiggly looks cute for the little ones too !

  2. shelly peterson says

    The are some great items I would love to get the Camelio Tablet for my grandson and the watch is pretty cool.

  3. Destanie Weatherford says

    Love the Coloring Lulu app and the Tiggly toys! Thanks!

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