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In the world of gaming, there are a variety of genres and types of games including role playing, action, adventure, and shooters to name a few. The last one often times involving one team fighting another with violence and fun. This is all fine if you are into that type of thing, but let’s say you want a shooter with less violence. This is where Splatoon steps in.


Splatoon is the newest franchise by Nintendo, and is a paint based shooter. Instead of simply shooting your enemies, you also paint the area around you in order to win the game. The main characters of Splatoon are Inklings, which can instantly change into squids and swim in ink.

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As an inkling, you can only swim in your color’s ink which not only allows you to hide from the enemy but also refill your ink. Ink is used to either splat the enemy into a puddle of paint or to cover the area in paint. Splatted players then respawn at their original spawning point.


There are a few different online multiplayer modes which are broken up into two categories- regular battles, and ranked. Regular battles are just played for fun, and you can join any you wish. These are based on the Turf War game type. In Ranked mode, you are able to play Splat Zones and be ranked based on your winning and splatting. In Turf War, players try to cover the most area of the map in paint. Splat Zones is similar to king of the hill where a team tries to control a certain area by keeping it covered in paint.

Battle Dojo lets players play local multiplayer and compete in a balloon popping competition, by spraying the balloons with paint.


Single player campaign is called Octo Valley and includes capturing Zapfish from the Octarians.
As you play more of the game, additional options open up to your player, like gaining clothing and accessories as well as  different weapons. Each piece of acquired clothing can boost a certain trait (as well the fact that it makes your Inkling looks spiffy).

My son thoroughly enjoys Splatoon because of the cute characters and fun multiplayer modes. He also loves the Amiibo support. There are three Amiibo’s available for use with Splatoon, each unlocking new portions of the game. One of the interesting characteristics of the game is that it will be constantly changing with new game modes, maps to explore, and customizations to equip. (So be sure to get in now and grab all the fun stuff

Splatoon is available now at fine retailers everywhere as well as the eShop. Splatoon retails for $59.99 and is for the Wii U.


  1. That sounds like a game thanks for the review.

  2. My kids need to try this one, I’m sure they’d laugh and laugh. Thanks for the introduction, I’ve been looking for a new one for them to try… ok, and myself too. lol

  3. Alaina Bullock says

    I know my stepson would love this! I love that it doesn’t focus around fighting or violence, too. I saw it in Gamestop the other day, but didn’t stop to check it out. Now that I know what it is about though, I think we may head back there this weekend and pick it up!

  4. Ellen Christian says

    What a fun game! My son would have had a blast with this when he was younger!

  5. We saw this in Gamestop the other day and the kids already knew about it! It is on their wish list!

  6. My kids love this game!! I’m really bad at it so they are always wanting to play with me and beat me haha!

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