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What can you do to decorate that office or corner of your house that just seems so empty?  A plant would look perfect there but plants need light and its a dark corner.  And there is little to no natural light in the office…..  Putting  plant there would pretty much be chlory-cide. (Get it?)

Your best option is an artificial plant.  A nice artificial plant that looks realistic and is pretty to look at.  Take a quick gander at for a huge selection of artificial plants ranging in sizes and types, some flowering some just greenery, but all good replicas.


We were given the opportunity to review the 18-inch Orange Topiary.  The plan itself is 18 inches tall, so it is the perfect size to beatify the dining room table, office desk, or any other spot that needs a little color. With the bright orange and green colors of a small citrus plant, it will bring color to any room.  The best part this plant has no upkeep, no picking, and fruit flies- only a pretty, orange plant.  It would also make a perfect gift for a teacher or coworker.  A real plant could pass away without careful attention and maintenance, but an artificial one is just that- artificial! So you are giving a gift that will not pass away or go out of style.  It is also great for those that travel often- they can have a plant, without having to keep a plant. Artificial plants are great all season long, in any nook or cranny of your home and there even some which can be places outside.

Want to win one of your own?  Enter to win one below.  Ends Oct. 22, 2015.

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  1. Laurie Emerson says

    I would keep it as it is just so pretty.

  2. kim keithline says

    I would keep it for myself I love it

  3. I would give these to my Aunt.

  4. I would give it to my friend her cats eat all her real plants she would love this

  5. I would keep it. I love fruit.

  6. Karen Drake says

    I would give a plant to my daughter in law.

  7. Christian Alejandro says

    I think my mom would like it.

  8. susan smoaks says

    i would give this to my grandma she loves silk flowers

  9. I would give it to a coworker.

  10. Susan Chester says

    I would put this in my office to brighten it up.

  11. katherine klein says

    I would keep this for myself since I seem to have an issue keeping real ones alive.

  12. Terra Heck says

    I’d keep it for myself and set it in my living room. Thanks.

  13. This would be for dear Ann She’d enjoy it I think.

  14. Lori Walker says

    I’d give this to my mother in law.

  15. Richard Brandt says

    My sister, she’ll appreciate a plant that doesn’t have a lot of upkeep.

  16. I would keep it as I have very little light in my home so artificial plants is the way to go.

  17. Brittney House says

    I would give it to my mother.

  18. Richard Hicks says

    It would make a nice gift for my sister in law

  19. I would give this to my friend Amanda.

  20. Julie Lundstrom says

    I would keep this for me. It reminds me of going and staying with my Grandma in Florida before she passed away. It brings me good memories.

  21. that sounds like a great prize and it looks so real.

  22. Dana Rodriguez says

    This would look nice in my home office!

  23. I will keep this for myself!

  24. This would be for my son’s new home.

  25. I would keep it for my house

  26. keep for myself

  27. I would give this to my Mom.

  28. My nephew in AK

  29. Sandy Klocinski says

    I would keep this for myself. My house could use some brightening up

  30. michelle jacobsen says

    I would give it to my husband, he loves artifical trees

  31. I would keep this for my home.

  32. I’d give this to my mom. Thanks for the giveaway!

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