Dasani and the green cap #GreenBottleCap

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Dasani are not only the bottlers of delicious water but they are also innovators in the field of packaging and sustainable packing as well.  Each Dasani bottle with a green cap on no matter its size is now made of at least 30% plant based plastic.  This means less petroleum and fossil fuel based packaging is used in each bottle across the US.


This is also not Dasani’s first shot at decreasing their foot print- they also now use more then 40% less plastic in each bottle compared to their 2001 bottles which decreases the amount of fossil fuels used as well in production and less weight to ship as well.

This means less plastic for the same size bottles and less plastic used in production as well.  Another great innovation of the bottles is that they are still 100% recyclable with normal petroleum based bottles as well.  So keep on recycling and helping the Earth with every sip.


Coca-cola has used this plant based plastic across many of its lines.  Over the last five years, the company’s adoption of the technology has eliminated the equivalent of approximately 240,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. Plant Bottle packaging also has resonated with consumers, helped boost sales of brands like Dasani and generated headlines and won sustainable and innovation awards, and captured the collective attention of the supplier, scientific/academic and investor community. Earlier this year, Plant Bottle packaging was recognized by the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry for helping to fuel the bio-based manufacturing boom during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Coca-Cola has invested in three leading biotech companies – Virent, Gevo and Avantium – to speed the commercialization of a PET plastic bottle made entirely from plants. Recently, the company made an additional investment in Virent’s development and commercialization of its bio-based technology.


  1. it is so nice to see a company actually care about the environment

  2. I like that they use less plastic

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