Change Your Furniture To Change Your Mood

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Sometimes I look around my home and feel like I’ve outgrown everything in it. Whatever mood I was in when I made the decor choices for the living room and bedroom have long since passed. I don’t think I’m not in that state of mind anymore. It might be time for another change!

Outdoor Garden Furniture Designs by Pottery Barn

Outdoor Garden Furniture Designs by Pottery Barn

Of course, it’s not just the decor that sets the mood in the home. All of the furniture, flooring and accessories come together to create that distinct style that is yours. It shouldn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not. But after a few years of seeing the same colors and the same furniture in the room, you can grow weary. It’s time for a fresh start. You might want something elegant and muted, or you might want something funky and vibrant.

I’m always looking for the positive in everything. I like good energy flow in the house. When you have children, I think it’s nice to style things a little more kiddy friendly. Grown-up and stoic are definitely not going to work in my household. Of course, it is possible to mix the two. You can have a sophisticated chaise longue in a style that’s youthful, playful and fun. Online stores like LoveTheSign can offer you the choices you’re looking for when it comes to quirky and charming.

I would love a recliner sofa. The trouble is, I never get the chance to sit down long enough to enjoy it! Instead, we can have fun with foot stools and poufs that can be moved around the room. They can be stacked, rolled and even become monsters to avoid when we’re playing with little ones. I love that our furniture can inspire imaginative play. It’s not just for sitting on, but for creating the right mood at the right time.

Coffee tables are often buried underneath piles of magazines and toys. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still be the focus of the room. Next time I get a coffee table, I’m going to have one with drawers and storage! I want something different and quirky that can become a part of our games. Perhaps it will have curved and sloped sides or carved legs? Something with character will certainly lift our moods.


  1. That’s a good idea for the coffee table to have storage! That’s true it always ends up being stacked on.

  2. My living room needs an update really bad. The furniture is old and not the color I like anymore. I would love hardwood floors with a lounge chairs and a nice coffee table!

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