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Top Holiday Travel Tips for Dogs (and Win an Amazon Gift Card)

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While the holidays are supposed to be full of peace, love, and fun, they can also be stressful, especially when traveling is involved at the busiest times of the year. It can be great to bring your dog along with you while traveling, but doing so also increases the things you must do and keep in mind to ensure a safe, happy trip. From packing a dog emergency kit to bringing along a DIY dog fence, there are many things you can consider ahead of time to help things go as smoothly as possible. Here are the top travel tips to keep in mind this holiday season with your dog.


Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

If you’re taking a road trip, you want to make sure your dog is as safe in the car as everyone else in your family. It’s a great idea to invest in a dog seat belt, which will keep your dog restrained in the car. If you don’t, at least place your dog in their crate during the ride. Not only is this safer for your dog, it prevents your dog from getting into the front seat and causing an accident by distracting the driver. Never allow your dog to stick their head out of the window of a moving car.

Contain Your Dog Wherever You Are

One of the worst nightmares you could experience would be to lose your dog while on a holiday trip. To avoid this, make sure your dog is contained at all times. While outside, if they are not in a fenced-in yard, they need to be on a leash. Of course, never leave your dog tied up unattended. If your dog is trained on an invisible dog fence, you can bring a portable version with you. It’s an excellent tool for containing your dog at rest areas, campgrounds, or in the yards of loved ones who don’t have a fence. However, it’s a good idea to supervise even the most well-trained dogs when in unfamiliar territory, even when using a wireless dog fence.

Pack Dog Emergency Essentials

If you have the extra money, it’s convenient to purchase a dog first aid kit to keep in the trunk of your car or bring with you on trips. If not, create your own. You essentially need to pack the same things as a regular first aid kit, but with some extra paw-sized bandages. Your car emergency kit should also include extra dog food, extra water, extra bowls, an extra collar and leash set, and an extra blanket for the furry member of your family. Also bring along a copy of your dog’s vaccination record and any necessary medical information, including medications.

Ensure Your Destination is Dog-Proof

Wherever you are staying with your dog, do some thorough dog-proofing before you relax and let your dog roam, especially if your loved ones don’t have a dog of their own. Make sure things like medications, cleaning supplies, candy bowls, and lit candles are out-of-reach. There are several types of common holiday plants that are toxic to dogs, too. Mistletoe, pointsettia, and holly should be moved to an area your dog cannot access, so you don’t even run the risk of your dog ingesting fallen leaves. Pine needles are also toxic, and the water from the tree stand can be, too. If there is a Christmas tree that your dog won’t stay away from, keep them in a separate room or position your electronic dog fence around the tree as a safety barrier.

Ask Others to Follow Safety Guidelines

Make sure whoever you are staying with is aware of certain safety concerns for your dog. For example, ask your loved ones not to feed your dog any table scraps unless you approve, and caution them not to leave their plates or drinks unattended. Alcohol, chocolate, and xylitol can be fatal to dogs, and other foods such as onions, raisins, grapes, nuts, bones, fatty foods, coffee, and tea can cause dogs to get seriously ill. If you are using an e-collar or electric dog fence, make sure others are aware. Also remind children that dogs don’t like hugs or kisses.

While traveling, remember to watch your dog closely for signs of stress. Signs of stress in dogs include pacing, panting, growling, freezing, staring, cowering, and hiding. Any behavior that’s unusual for your dog could be a sign they are overwhelmed, so try to give them a quiet, dark place that they can rest alone with plenty of water to drink. If your dog gets sick or injured, be sure to call your vet’s office or emergency number as soon as possible.

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  66. Sadly, our dog Bella passed away last week. She used to love to go for walks & always got excited when she saw us pick up her leash.

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